Qwiklabs Learn Something New 2022 | Free Swags from Google


Hey Students! Qwiklabs Learn Something new 2022 has been launched by Qwiklabs where you can free swags from Google. Here you have to just complete a quiz by collecting the ticket of a one-month free pass. So if you are interested in this then read the post below for more information

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About Qwiklabs Learn Something New 2022

Qwiklabs Learn Something New 2022 program and get free swags

Finish 2021 strong! This week, you are invited to learn something new. Ever tried building a secure network in the cloud? Or developing an app without using code? All aboard the #QwiklabsExpress for a holiday learning journey!

Get your ticket, then take one lab free. When you complete the lab, you’ll activate a free 1-month pass to the entire lab catalog.

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What to do?

You have to collect the ticket from the Qwiklabs website and go to the Catalog page of Google Cloud Skill and paste the code and then-

  1. Complete a Google Cloud skill badge or quest this week (badge must be dated between now and Dec. 18, no exceptions). 
  2. AND be one of the first unique 50 commenters on this exact post (in the Google Cloud

Other Details

  1. A link to your Skills Boosts profile showing your new badge. Note: badges earned outside the challenge timeline don’t qualify!)
  2. And in your comment, answer the question, “What’s one new thing you learned from the badge?” This can be a quick sentence or two, or a paragraph or more. (I love writing but not everyone does!)

Free Swags

Yes you can get the free swags from Google after completing any of the quizzes

Note: Limited to the first 50 GCC members to FULLY COMPLETE REQUIREMENTS or December 18, 2021 EOD (whichever comes first).

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  • What if I earn multiple badges?
    • Great! You can post multiple badges if you like but only one post is eligible. 
  • Where do I post my comment?
    • Reply to this post. Any posts outside of this thread will not be considered. 
  • What if I am #51?
    • You missed this one but never fear. Stay tuned for next week’s challenge!
  • What if I don’t want to post a link to my Skills Boost profile?
    • You are welcome to avail yourself of the free training opportunity, but you’re only eligible for a gift if you meet all the requirements listed. 
  • What if I don’t want to post in the GCC?
    • You are welcome to avail yourself of the free training opportunity, but you’re only eligible for a gift if you meet all the requirements listed. 
  • What if I have a question about the gift?
    • I’m glad you asked! All swag-related questions should be posted on this thread. Any swag-related comments posted elsewhere (for example in the general forum) will be assessed and removed by moderators, to keep our forums well-organized and helpful.

Cheers and good luck, looking forward to reading about new skills 

PS: Gift reveal later this week!

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How to Apply for Qwiklabs Learn Something New 2022?

To participate in this program CLICK HERE.

Google Cloud Community for posting the badge and reviews CLICK HERE.

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