Top 5 Biggest Tech Giants Free Courses without Any Cost+ Free Certificate Apply Now 2024


The tech industry is constantly evolving, demanding continuous learning and skill development. But high-quality courses can be expensive, putting a roadblock in the path of career advancement. Here’s the good news: some of the biggest tech giants offer fantastic Biggest Tech Giants Free Courses that are completely free and award certificates upon completion.

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Top 5 Biggest Tech Giants Free Courses without Any Cost+ Free Certificate Apply Now 2024

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Here Are the Top 5 Biggest Tech Giants Free Courses

1. Microsoft

AI Engineer

Artificial intelligence (AI) engineers are responsible for developing, programming and training the complex networks of algorithms that make up AI so that they can function like a human brain. This role requires combined expertise in software development, programming, data science and data engineering.

Learning Outcomes

Plan and manage an Azure AI solution

Implement image and video processing solutions

Implement natural language processing solutions

Implement knowledge-mining solutions

Implement conversational AI solutions

Eligibility and Pre-requisite Knowledge

As an Azure AI engineer, you have experience developing solutions that use languages such as:



Course Syllabus

Prepare for AI engineering (1 module)

Provision and manage Azure AI Services (4 modules)

Process and translate text with Azure AI Services (2 modules)

Process and Translate Speech with Azure AI Speech Services(2 modules)

Create a Language Understanding solution with Azure AI Language (2 modules)

Build a question-answering solution(1 module)

Build custom text analytics solutions(2 modules)

Create conversational AI solutions(2 modules)

Create computer vision solutions with Azure AI Vision(5 modules)

Extract text from images and documents(2 modules)

Implement knowledge mining with Azure Cognitive Search(10 modules)

Develop Generative AI solutions with Azure OpenAI Service(7 modules)

Course Link Click Here

2. Intel

AI for Agriculture

In the era of technological innovation, harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can prove useful in addressing critical challenges in agriculture. This course equips learners with the foundational knowledge necessary to comprehend how AI operates and can be appropriately applied to develop agricultural solutions. It explores real-world applications of AI in agriculture, including Statistical Data Analysis, Computer Vision (CV), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Generative AI. By discussing AI’s ethical considerations and limitations, the course also aims to enable learners to navigate this technology responsibly.

Learning Outcomes

Define the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its relevance in agriculture

Identify key challenges in agriculture and analyze the contribution of AI in addressing them, including alignment with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Apply the principles of data collection and management in agriculture

Practice AI for Agriculture applications in various domains, including Statistical Data Analysis, Computer Vision (CV), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Generative AI

Recognize the ethical considerations in AI for agriculture and interpret relevant policies, regulatory frameworks, and government interventions

Identify and analyze real-world industrial applications of AI in agriculture

Use AI Project Cycle to gain practical project development experience in the field of AI for agriculture

Recognize the relevance of AI for different stakeholders involved in agriculture

Eligibility and Pre-requisite Knowledge

Students enrolled in a higher education institute with basic digital literacy, foundational mathematics and statistics

Course Syllabus

Introduction to AI for Agriculture

Problem Scoping for Agriculture

Working with Data for Agriculture

Modeling Evaluation, and Deployment for Agriculture

Statistical Data in Agriculture

Computer Vision (CV) in Agriculture

Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Agriculture

Project Development

Course Link Click Here

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Accounting Fundamentals

This course aims to explain principles of accounting and stresses on the practical application of financial statements & analysis of data presented in these statements.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, the learner will be able to understand the concepts and principles of Accounting

Eligibility and Pre-requisite Knowledge

Open to all

Course Syllabus

Introduction to Accounting

Accounting Assumptions, Principles and Concepts

Overview of Financial Statements

Course Link Click Here


Active Teaching Strategies

This concise 20-minute training program aims to provide teachers with an overview of active teaching strategies to enhance student engagement and learning outcomes in the classroom. Active teaching strategies foster critical thinking, collaboration, and participation among students, ultimately leading to improved academic performance and student retention. By understanding the benefits and basic principles of active teaching, teachers can create a more dynamic and effective learning environment for their students.

Learning Outcomes

Understand the concept of active teaching strategies and their importance in modern education.

Recognize the benefits of active teaching in fostering critical thinking, collaboration, and participation among students.

Learn how to incorporate active teaching strategies into their lesson plans effectively.

Gain insights into creating a more engaging and effective learning environment in the classroom.

Eligibility and Pre-requisite knowledge

Graduation B.Ed, Montesory teachers training, D.Ed, Nursery teachers training

Course Syllabus

Introduction to Active Teaching Strategies

Benefits of Active Teaching

Teaching Model: Incorporating Active Strategies

Course Link Click Here

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5.Cambridge University

Foundation Communication Skills with Cambridge Communicate

Communication Skills with Cambridge Communicate – Foundation course – The self-access course covers all four skills – Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking, along with grammar and vocabulary with conversational language and useful expressions. The course offers short bursts of learning with assessments – it has 25 units with end-of-unit assessments to track progress. It is accessible on web, iOS and Android. The content is presented through chatbot functionality — bite-sized content in a conversational format for instructions.

Learning Outcomes

The content aims at developing and enhancing everyday English language skills. It is primarily based on a communicative approach wherein learners are presented with contexts in which they would likely find themselves in general English scenarios.

Eligibility and Pre-requisite Knowledge

UG students

Course Syllabus

General English


Course Link Click here

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