Top 10 Free Best Learn MS Excel Youtube Channels


If you want to learn Excel without paying that too for free, then today I will tell you 10 YouTube channels from which you can learn Excel, so let’s start and see which YouTube channel it is.

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1. ElearnMarkets

Microsoft Excel is perhaps the most important software program being used today. It has become a necessity in both business and professional life, irrespective of the role of the hierarchy, the business function, or the industry. This course has been designed in such a way as to enable the students to gain a complete understanding of the advanced excel concepts and apply such concepts to their relevant roles and business. Coupon Code: JF666 (100% off)

2. Excel Campus – Jon 

Excel Campus helps you learn Excel and save time on your daily tasks. My name is John Acampora and my goal is to help you improve your Excel skills. This channel contains how-to videos with tutorials on various Excel topics including Formulas, PivotTables, Macros, VBA, Charts, Dashboards, Power Query, Power Pivot, Power BI, and many more.


If you use Excel 40 hours a week (and those are your weeks on vacation), welcome to the MrExcel channel. Get started with 2400 Free Excel Tutorials. Bill “MrExcel” Jelen is the author of 67 Excel books and the host of I love to hear your excel questions. Post a comment on any video and I can help. I love solving data problems in Excel. I have been MVP of Excel since 2005. I write about Excel in Strategic Finance magazine. I had 80 cameos on the Leo Laporte show on TechTV. BBA ’87 from Notre Dame, but I love all college football from Big 10, Big 12, SEC, and ACC. I’m a scout for Florida Citrus Sports. Rocket launch photographer. Subscribe and press the bell for the latest features in Excel

4. Leila Gharani

My goal is to help you save time at work so you can use it for important activities.
My Office productivity lessons include:

  • Microsoft Excel, Power BI, PowerPoint, VBA, OneNote, and other Office products
  • Google Sheets
  • Accounting and Finance

I love learning new tools and techniques and sharing them with you. I hope to inspire you to experiment and share with others.

5. TeachExcel

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Excel help and tutorial videos. We’ll walk you through all the steps needed to perform simple tasks in Excel to more complex tasks and concepts. Topics include graphics, formatting, worksheet protection, macro tutorials, formulas, and more.

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6. PK: An Excel Expert 

Welcome to my YouTube channel. I regularly upload beginner to intermediate Excel and VBA videos. You can learn VBA from my list of VBA tutorials. For Dynamic Charts and BI Dashboard, I created a separate “Dynamic Charts” playlist where you’ll explore dynamic charts with multiple form controls and infographics. VBA automation, MIS report and dashboard creation, Power Pivot, and moreā€¦

7. MyOnlineTrainingHub

At My Online Training Hub ( we love Excel and our channel is all about sharing the Excel knowledge we’ve built over 20 years to help you become more efficient and climb the career ladder.
And for those who really want to improve their Excel skills, we send out weekly Excel newsletters with step-by-step instructions. You can sign up for our free newsletter and receive a free eBook of 100 Excel Tips and Tricks here:

8. Excel For Freelancers

This channel aims to help Excel freelancers achieve their dreams of financial independence with the best tips and tricks videos that teach them how to design, build, market, and sell Excel-based software forever.

9. Chandoo

Welcome. My name is Chandu and I live in New Zealand.
I make Excel, Power BI, and Data Analytics videos so you can get great at what you do.
My vision is to help 1 million people every month.
New videos are uploaded every Tuesday.
I do live shows on advanced topics on the last Friday of every month.
I’m using the latest versions of Excel 365 and Power BI in my videos.

10. Simplilearn

This complete Excel tutorial will get you started with Excel and explore the features it has to offer. You will take a tour to understand the basics of Excel and see how to write functions, sort, and filter data, how import data and divide data into columns, you will learn Sumi and countif functions, and many other functions and formulas available to get to know Microsoft Excel.


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