Top 4 Best Online Website to Increase & Improve Typing Speed


If you also work on a laptop or computer and you want to increase your typing speed, then today I will tell you 4 websites from where you can increase your typing speed, so let’s start and see which website is that your typing will help you increase

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1. Fast Fingers

If you just want fast typing, select 10-finger fast. There are lots of typing tests on the site that you can do to improve your speed and accuracy. They have several competitions you can enter to show off your writing skills. You can create or join a game room for friends.
I also like the fact that they support 50+ languages ​​on their website. I don’t think any other website comes close to matching this in terms of typing speed and accuracy. This is great news for those who have translation assignments or are not native English speakers.

2. Ratatype

While typing speed and accuracy tests are available on several websites, some certifications can help you professionally. While most jobs that require writing have their own test, it’s a good idea to be certified, especially when applying online.

Ratatype is an all-in-one target for typing tests. There are typing tutors who will teach you to type faster and more accurately with the help of tutorials. There is a group mode that allows users to compete with friends to further increase their enthusiasm for typing faster. And then there are exams.


Doing writing tests all day can be boring, especially if you don’t learn anything useful from the experience. I enjoy writing because my work involves discovering and talking about new technologies. Typing Test wants to improve the experience so you can focus better.
You can choose the duration and name of the test from the drop-down menu. There are nearly 100 games to choose from, many of which are more child-focused, but there’s something for everyone here. Don’t forget to set the difficulty level before starting.

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4 Typing Academy 

Typing Academy offers some valuable tips on the finger and key combinations, hand positions, and why you should stop looking at the keyboard while typing. Here’s a handy chart they came up with. Each key and finger is color coded and in the long run, practicing pressing the same key with the same finger is beneficial to increase your speed and accuracy. Typing Academy has several lessons that target different aspects of typing such as numbers, line-based letters, words, sentences and finally typing speed. Great for beginners. You can also create special writing lessons for practice.

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