Top 5 Best Youtube Channels Will Make You A Pro Data Analyst


If you want to learn Data Analyst, that too without paying, then today I will you 5 YouTube channels from which you can learn Data Analyst, so let’s start and see which YouTube channel it is.

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1. Alex The Analyst

My name is Alex Freberg and on this channel, I will cover everything you need to know about becoming a data analyst. If you’re looking to change careers or learn the skills needed to become a data analyst, be sure to subscribe to my latest content.

2. Luke Barousse 

What’s up, Data Nerds! I’m Luke, a data analyst, and I make videos about tech and skills for data science. If you have a question about becoming a data analyst, drop a comment in any video. No need to email!

3. Ken Jee

Data Science and Sports Analytics is my passion. My name is Ken G and I have worked in data science and sports analysis for 5 years. I’ve held data science positions at companies ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies, moving into data science from business and consulting environments. When I started my data science journey, I was very lost; There are very few resources for learning about this field. I decided to make a YouTube video to share my experience and hopefully help others get into the field of data science and sports analysis.

4. Recall by Dataiku

The recall is a Dataiku branded channel produced by LEARN Media dedicated to educating viewers about the realities of working with data. We bring transparency to the data science industry by making it more accessible and affordable.

Dataiku is the world’s leading platform for everyday AI, systematizing the use of data for extraordinary business results. Organizations using Dataiku upgrade their people (whether they work technically and with code, or work on the business side and with little or no code) into great people by empowering them with the ability to make better day-to-day decisions with data.

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5. Tina Huang

Hello, my name is Tina and I’m a data specialist at FAANG company.

This channel is about data science, learning, and productivity. I love learning new things and my goal is always to minimize effort and maximize results! I strive to get things done as efficiently as possible and for the highest reward. Basically, I refuse to do extra work to achieve my goal c:

Today’s Thought

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