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Expand your education benefits with free Saylor learning! Now Saylor Academy Providing 50+ Free Online courses through which you get an idea about many fields.

Courses list in the Saylor Website :


Art History
ARTH101: Art Appreciation
Business Administration
CHEM101: General Chemistry I
COMM001: Principles of Human Communication
COMM101: Public Speaking
COMM411: Public Relations
Computer Science
CS101: Introduction to Computer Science I
CS102: Introduction to Computer Science II
CS107: C++ Programming
CS201: Elementary Data Structures
CS202: Discrete Structures
CS301: Computer Architecture
CS302: Software Engineering
CS401: Operating Systems
CS402: Computer Communications and Networks
CS403: Introduction to Modern Database Systems
ECON101: Principles of Microeconomics
ECON102: Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON201: Intermediate Microeconomics
ECON202: Intermediate Macroeconomics
ECON307: International Trade
ENGL000: Pre-College English
ENGL001: English Composition I
ENGL002: English Composition II
ENGL210: Technical Writing
ENGL405: The American Renaissance
English as a Second Language
ESL001: Beginning Lower-Intermediate English as a Second Language
ESL002: Intermediate English as a Second Language
ESL003: Upper-Intermediate English as a Second Language
HIST103: World History in the Early Modern and Modern Eras (1600-Present)
HIST362: Modern Revolutions
HIST363: Global Perspectives on Industrialization
Learning Skills
Saylor001: Learning at Saylor Academy
College Success
LiDA100: Learning in a Digital Age
MA001: College Algebra
MA005: Calculus I
MA111: Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning
MA121: Introduction to Statistics
RWM101: Foundations of Real World Math
RWM102: Algebra
RWM103: Geometry
ENVS203: Environmental Ethics, Justice, and World Views
PHIL102: Introduction to Critical Thinking and Logic
PHIL103: Moral and Political Philosophy
PHIL304: Existentialism
PHYS101: Introduction to Mechanics
PHYS102: Introduction to Electromagnetism
Political Science
POLSC101: Introduction to Political Science
POLSC201: Introduction to Western Political Thought
POLSC221: Introduction to Comparative Politics
POLSC232: American Government
POLSC401: Ethics and Public Policy
POLSC402: Global Justice
Professional Development
CUST104: Business Communications
CUST105: Customer Service
PRDV002: Professional Writing
PRDV003: Word Processing Using Microsoft Word
PRDV004: Spreadsheets
PRDV005: Time and Stress Management
PRDV102: Resume Writing
PRDV103: Interviewing Skills
PRDV104: Professional Etiquette
PRDV211: Foundations of Human Communication
PRDV212: Interpersonal Communication
PRDV213: Group Communication
PRDV221: Introduction to Management
PRDV222: Management: Historical Development and Globalization
PRDV223: Organizational Culture, Diversity, and Ethics
PRDV224: Leadership and Teams
PRDV225: Managing Employees
PRDV226: Introduction to Human Resource Management
PRDV227: Introduction to Business Planning and Strategy
PRDV228: Decision-Making
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PSYCH101: Introduction to Psychology
SOC101: Introduction to Sociology

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