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Are you a college student fascinated by the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Do you want to boost your resume with a valuable certification, all at no cost? Look no further! This blog post explores Cognizan Free Online Internships Artificial Intelligence Certification Program, designed specifically for ambitious college students like you in 2024.

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Cognizant Free Online Internships

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About the Cognizant Free Online Internships

As part of Cognizant Digital Business, Cognizant’s Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics Practice provides advanced data collection and management expertise, as well as artificial intelligence and analytics capabilities that help clients create highly personalized digital experiences, products and services at every touchpoint of the customer journey.

During this program, you will get the opportunity to step into the shoes of a Cognizant team member and complete tasks that replicate the work that our Artificial Intelligence team does every day. You’ll learn how to perform exploratory data analysis, communicate the results of a machine learning model, implement algorithm production, and review algorithm performance. 
We hope this program provides a great resource for you to up-skill and strengthen your resume as you explore career options and a potential career at Cognizant!

How It Works

Complete tasks guided by pre-recorded videos and example answers from our team at Cognizant. No live sessions, all are self-paced.

Stand out in applications. Confidently answer interview questions and explain why you’re a good fit for our team.

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Skills you will learn

Data Analysis


Data Visualization

Data Modeling

Problem Statement

Machine Learning

Model InterpretationCertificate

Earn a certificate and add it to your resume and LinkedIn as an extracurricular activity.

Task in the Free Artificial Intelligence Certification Program

1. Task One: Exploratory Data Analysis

30-60 mins


Exploring customer data to identify next steps

What you’ll learn

How to explore a client’s sales data as part of the Data Science team at Cognizant

What you’ll do

Use the notebooks provided, Python and Google Colab to explore Gala Groceries’ data Communicate findings and recommendations in an email to the Data Science team leader

2. Task Two: Data Modeling

30-60 mins


Understanding relational data and framing a problem statement

What you’ll learn

Develop an understanding of relational data and how to frame a problem statement

What you’ll do

Review a data model diagram provided by the Data Engineering team and create a strategic plan as to how you’ll use this data to answer the problem statement

Summarize the choices and plan of work in a PowerPoint presentation

3. Task Three: Model Building and Interpretation

30-60 mins


Building a predictive model and interpreting the results back to the business

What you’ll learn

How to build a predictive model using sample data

Hands-on experience with Python interpreters and Google Colab

What you’ll do

Combine, transform and model 3 datasets in a suitable way to answer the problem statement that the business has requested

Communicate your work and analysis in the form of a PowerPoint slide to present the results back to the business

4. Task Four: Machine Learning Production

30-60 mins


Developing machine learning algorithms for production

What you’ll learn

Best practices for good quality code, including how to structure and handover a Python module

How to develop machine learning algorithms for production

What you’ll do

Prepare a Python module that contains code to train a model and output the performance metrics for the Machine Learning engineering team

5. Task Five: Quality Assurance

30 mins


Evaluating the production machine learning model to ensure quality results

What you’ll learn

  • How to evaluate and improve a production machine learning model to ensure quality results

What you’ll do

Complete a multiple-choice quiz covering ways to improve the performance of your machine-learning model

6. Finish Line

Collect these achievements and tips to help you stand out in your job search.

Interview Tips

How to talk about this experience in your interviews?

Resume Snippet

A summary is ready for your resume.

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How To Apply for Cognizant Free Online Internships?

If you are an Interested Candidate You can apply For the Cognizant Free Artificial Intelligence Certification Program Click Here

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What is the Cognizant Free Online Internship via Forage Platform?

This program offers a self-paced, virtual internship experience replicating tasks performed by Cognizant’s AI team. You’ll gain practical skills and a certificate to enhance your resume.

Do I need any prior experience in AI to participate?

No prior experience is required. The program is designed to introduce you to the field of AI.

What kind of tasks will I be doing?

The internship simulates real-world AI projects. You might perform tasks like data analysis, communicating machine learning model results, and algorithm implementation review.

Will I receive a certificate upon completion?

Yes, upon finishing the internship, you’ll earn a certificate to add to your resume and online profiles.

How do I apply for the Cognizant internship on Forage?

Search for “Cognizant Artificial Intelligence – Forage” to find the program details and application process on the Forage platform


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