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5 Free Internship Websites For Students - Course Joiner

Internships are something one must do on their college day. Gone are the days when recruiters hire people based on just education and a college degree. Today in 2022 you need skills as well as experience to get a great job. This is where one should do Internships either on college days or on summer vacations. So today we are sharing the 5 free internship websites for students in India.

We have chosen these free platforms based on our experience with all the platforms. Without any further delay let’s have a deep dive into it.


5 Free Internship Websites For Students

1. AICTE Internships

AICTE Internships - Course Joiner
Source: AICTE Internships

This internship portal is developed by the Government of India. Hence, there is no possibility of scam jobs here. You can find a variety of internships in different domains like Marketing, Sales, Finance, HR, Engineering, etc. The best part of this portal is irrespective of any city you are from you will find your city and apply for Internships.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn - Course Joiner
Source: Kinesis

LinkedIn is a great platform to get good opportunities not only for internships but also for jobs as well. One can get a great opportunity from LinkedIn by connecting to various HRs, Managers, Executives, etc. of the company. To make a great LinkedIn profile one must have the right skills for it.

To solve this problem LinkedIn Learning Free Courses are there for you where you upskill yourself and get a free certificate. There is a variety of courses from digital marketing, finance, Microsoft Excel, etc. Along with this, you can get prepare for interviews on the same platform by taking soft skills courses on Communication and professional etiquette.

3. Angelist

Angel list  - Course Joiner

Angel List is a website for startups to find investors and for investors to find startups. It is a platform that connects startups with investors which were founded in 2010 by Naval Ravikant, Babak Nivi, and Naval’s brother Ali, who had the idea of connecting startups with angel investors.

According to the site, they have helped over 3 million companies raise more than $50 billion in funding.

4. Cuvette

Cuvette Tech Internships - Course Joiner

If you are an aspiring young software engineer then you might probably hear about cuvette. This portal is specifically designed to get internships in the domain of Software Engineering.

Talking about statistics of Cuvette there are more than 50000+ student members who get internships in 900+ onboarded companies. With more than 1000+ Internships are posted the average stipend the student can get is around 15k/per month

5. Dare2Complete

Dare2Complete is by far the most superior platform when compared with others. This is because it provides more than internships. You can find jobs, hackathons, challenges, competitions, and much more.

Talking about the statistics there are more than 2,948,795 active users on the portal while 38,650 Companies & Colleges are looking to hire students for internships and jobs. Here the role of colleges is that they organize events and workshops for students. There is another section where students can read articles and learn the tips and tricks to crack the interviews.

Final Verdict

So these were our top 5 Free Internship Websites For Students where you can get an Internship. The summer is on and we want you to upskill yourself and get your dream job by doing 4-6 months of Internships. No matter is paid or unpaid you can learn a lot in internships instead of doing online courses.

If you have any such queries then do let us know in the comments section below. We would love to answer all your questions and doubts.

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