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Hello peeps! Are you looking for free courses, certificates, internships, and swags from IIT Bombay? Well, the answer is obviously a “yes” as everyone loves to get such an opportunity. IIT Bombay has recently announced about “Mood Indigo College Connection Program” for all college students.

To know more about this amazing program, check out the following details.

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About College Connection Program

The college connection program is the vanguard of Mood Indigo’s outreach program. Associate with IIT Bombay’s Mood Indigo. Join the Indigo Family, be the face of Mood Indigo in your college and city.

It’s a great chance to gain valuable experience, pull off awesome events, and build a strong network with similarly motivated individuals helping you in your future professional endeavors.


Students from all colleges across the globe can apply. Students from all degrees are eligible.


As a part of the program, you start at level one and complete various tasks such as ideating on and executing innovative events, actively planning for social media publicity, strategizing, and driving word-of-mouth publicity campaigns on campus.

There are 4 levels in total. Like in a game, after successful completion of tasks in each level and earning enough points you would get upgraded to the next level.


  • 500+ Internship Opportunities
  • Video Courses worth 1 million
  • Free accommodation
  • Coupons worth 1 million
  • MI Official Merchandise
  • VIP Concert Pass
  • Free Goodies
  • MI Coins (These coins can be used to purchase products and merchandise from Mood Indigo, IIT Bombay’s website.)


You’ll get an organizational certificate from Mood Indigo, IIT Bombay after completion of this program.

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How to Apply?

For official notification by IIT Bombay: Click Here

To apply for this amazing program: Click Here


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