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Hello everyone! If you are thinking of practicing questions asked in an interview with Microsoft but did not find satisfactory results through search then we have good news for you as Microsoft Interview Preparation Program is launched in association with Unstop so stay with us until the end of the post to know more details about this initiative.

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About Microsoft Interview Preparation Program

5 Din, Microsoft In’ is your one-stop opportunity to learn about and practice the hiring procedure for your ideal tech roles at Microsoft. It is a part of Unstop’s ‘5 Day Interview Prep’.

For many years, Microsoft has been a well-known brand. Additionally, working with Microsoft is a dream come true for every computer engineer. Microsoft Corporation, which has its headquarters in Washington, Washington, engages in the creation, production, and marketing of a variety of goods, including services, software, consumer electronics, and personal computers. Microsoft provides a salary range of INR 43-45 LPA.

Microsoft Interview Preparation Program

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Interview Phases

For roles in software engineering, Microsoft undertakes the following selection processes:

  • Online Round- Logical Reasoning Test & Technical Aptitude Test
  • Technical Rounds (2-3 interview rounds)
  • AA Interview Round (‘As Appropriate’ Interview Round)
  • Hiring Committee Review
  • Final Decision

Detailed Structure of Phases

Round NamesTopics
Online Test (5-6Q, 60/90M)ArraysStringsSingle Linked ListDouble Linked ListHashing, Hash Map, Unordered MapOther data structures like map, graph, etc.
Technical/Screening Interview (2-3Q, 30-45M) Well-versed in data structures and algorithms
Onsite Interviews (3-4 Rounds, 60-90M)Well-versed with projects, internships, or training mentioned in the CV.Well-versed in course-related subjects like Data structures, Algorithms, Operating Systems, Networking, Database management, etc. Mostly ask questions from arrays/strings/linked list problems. Knowledge of system designing from domains like cloud computing and software like Microsoft Azure, Dropbox, Gmail, YouTube, Uber, and various Microsoft technology-driven engines.

5 Days Strategy

  • Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4: After carefully reviewing the Microsoft recruitment procedure, attempt the Coding part and gain access to the most recent problem statements vetted by specialists.
  • Day 5: You’ll get some advice to help you get ready for the interview phase, and then you’ll be all set to ace the placement game.

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How to apply?

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