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Hello everyone! If you want to practice questions coming in TCS National Qualifier Test then we have an update for you as TCS NQT Interview Preparation Program is launched so stay with us until the end of the post to know more in detail about this program.

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About TCS NQT Interview Preparation Program

5 Din, TCS In’ is your one-stop opportunity to learn about and practice the hiring procedure for your ideal tech careers at TCS. It is a part of Unstop’s ‘5 Day Interview Prep’.

An ability test called the TCS National Qualifier Test (TCS NQT) evaluates a candidate’s competencies and talents. Each applicant receives an NQT Score after passing the TCS National Qualifying Test (TCS NQT). All industries and occupational roles are applicable to the NQT (Cognitive Skills) Score. Every three months, the TCS National Qualifying Test (TCS NQT) will be held. If they so want, candidates may retake the exams in an effort to boost their results. NQT (Cognitive Skills), Attitudinal Alignment NQT (Psychometric Test), Industry NQT, and Subject NQT are the four variations.

TCS NQT Interview

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5 Days Strategy

  • Day 1: Take the MCQ test and practice using the vast database of questions that have been carefully selected by professionals based on prior hiring procedures.
  • Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4: After carefully reviewing TCS’s hiring process, sail into the Coding section and gain access to the most recent problem statements vetted by professionals.
  • Day 5: You’ll get some advice to help you get ready for the interview phase, and then you’ll be all set to ace the placement game.

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Exam Procedure

  • Online Test
  • Technical Interview
  • Managerial Interview (Might take place)
  • HR Interview

Pattern of Exam

Round NamesTopics
Online Test (90-100Q, 180M)Numerical Ability (20-30 Questions)Verbal (20-25 Questions)Reasoning Ability (25-35 Questions)Programming Logic (5-15 Questions)Coding (1-2 Questions)Important Topics: Arrays, String, Math, Sorting, Divide and Conquer, Bit Manipulation(Easy), Recursion
Technical Interview (25-60M)Data Structures & AlgorithmsCore computer science subjects (Object Oriented Programming, Database Management Systems, Operating Systems, and Computer Networks)Logical puzzles well-versed in previous projects and internships
Managerial Interview (25-40M) (Might take place)Well-versed with your job profile and role.Questioned based on your previous work experience, achievements, and other projects.Well-versed with questions on set situations for testing management skills.
HR Interview (25-35M)Well-versed with projects, internships, or training mentioned in the CV. Prepare well for managerial questions. Try to maintain a pleasant and confident demeanor as long as the interview.

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How to apply?

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