Man Looking For Internship Delivers Pizza Along With CV: “100% Getting An Interview”


A man looking for internship has taken the bold step of combining the unexpected duo of pizza delivery and a traditional CV, sparking curiosity and admiration for his unique strategy. Join us as we unravel the story behind this innovative tactic and explore why it’s generating a buzz in the competitive landscape of internship applications. Discover how this creative blend of pizza and professionalism is not just a delivery service, but a recipe for guaranteed success in landing that coveted interview.

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Man Looking For Internship Delivers Pizza Along With CV: "100% Getting An Interview"

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About the Man Looking For Internship News

The way to apply for jobs has seen a tremendous transformation over the years. Gone are the days of mundane cover letters and generic resumes. Some candidates often showcase their unique talents and skills in creative ways that grab attention and leave a lasting impression. One such incident was shared by Antimetal CEO Matthew Parkhurst on X who received an internship application along with a box of pizza. The CV was attached to the top of the box by applicant named, who was “super excited” by the opportunity. The US-based startup is a cloud cost optimisation platform provider.

The applicant also attached a handwritten note, explaining that he wanted to apply for the role of an engineering intern with Antimetal. He said in the note that the pizza is a “bribe” for the hiring team to visit his website and check out his work.

“Inspired by Antimetal’s brief stint as a slices as a service company, please enjoy this pizza. I’ve also brought a copy of my resume as an application for the engineering intern position. I’m super excited by the opportunity and am driven to do what it takes,” reads the note attached by the man.

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Mr Parkhurst liked the idea and said David is “100% getting an interview”.

“Another internship application – came to our office and dropped off a pizza with his resume. Even pushed a PR to fix 2 links in our docs prior. 100% getting an interview,” the Antimetal CEO said in his post on X.

The post attracted a lot of comments from users who wanted to know if David would get the internship. “There’s more to filter on than just effort,” Mr Parkhurst said while replying to a user.

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Last month, former product marketing manager, Marta Puerto, went viral for her unique video resume. After being laid off, Ms Puerto decided to try a new approach to stand out in the job market. She created a video CV entertainingly showcasing her skills and experience.

The video showed her seamlessly switching between six languages and highlighted her various skills, like marketing herself as a product.

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What inspired this man looking for internship to deliver pizza along with his CV?

Faced with the challenge of standing out in a crowded job market, the man looking for an internship decided to take an unconventional approach. By combining the unexpected act of pizza delivery with the traditional job application process, he aimed to capture the attention of potential employers and demonstrate his creativity, problem-solving skills, and determination.

How did this strategy work out for the man looking for internship?

The man’s unique approach has generated significant buzz and attention, with many predicting that his pizza delivery tactic will almost certainly guarantee him an interview. The creative blend of professionalism and unexpected flair has resonated with employers, who appreciate the applicant’s willingness to think outside the box and go the extra mile to stand out.

What are the potential benefits of this approach for the man looking for internship?

By delivering pizza along with his CV, the man looking for an internship has the opportunity to showcase a range of valuable skills and qualities. This includes his ability to think creatively, his willingness to take risks, his strong work ethic, and his commitment to going above and beyond the traditional job application process. These attributes are highly sought after by employers, and this strategy could give the applicant a significant advantage in the competitive internship market.


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