Part-Time Job Scam Alert: Pune Woman Loses 24 Lakhs


Nowadays a new Part-Time job scam is spreading very fast on social media, scammers DM people and say that if they are also looking for a part-time job and they want to earn 10,000 rupees daily, then they have to pay a registration fee first. And people pay registration fees and after that scammers block them and all their money goes to scammers. Many such incidents have been seen in many states but most of these incidents have been seen in Pune.

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First case In Part-Time Job Scam Alert

Part-Time Job Scam Alert

A woman working as an ophthalmologist in FC Road was duped Rs 23.83 lakh by cyber criminals between March 28 and April 22. He was offered attractive rewards for completing online tasks such as liking YouTube videos.

In the incident reported by TOI, the woman received a message on her text message that do you also want to work from home so the woman contacted her to know more about it and later opted to apply for the part-time position.

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After the work started, the fraudster asked her to like videos on a website and gave her tasks, according to the police, the victim was given Rs 10,275 for completing these tasks.

Later, when the fraudster won the woman’s trust, he offered a prepaid task to the woman and promised more income than that, the scammer said that if you invest your money in cryptocurrency, you can earn easily. Started adding his money and later transferred Rs 23.83 lakh to two bank accounts while the scammers offered him to do odd jobs. When the victim decided to withdraw her cryptocurrency investment, the scammers asked her for an additional Rs 30 lakh to release her payment. When she refused to pay, she called the scammer but the scammer did not contact her, then learned that he had been successful with her online.

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Second Case

A similar case was also of another person, who lost Rs 9 lakh between April 14 and April 20 to a 33-year-old engineer from Thergaon, Pune, on the pretext of a part-time job on the platform ‘Like Videos and Earn’. was offering, The fraudsters cheated Rs 8.96 lakh from one.

According to a police statement obtained by TOI, on April 12 the complainant received a message for a part-time job offering Rs 5,000 per day for liking a video and Rs 50 for each like. He was also told that he can make 30% profit by investing in a prepaid business. The man followed the instructions because he was interested in the opportunity to earn extra money. He also earned Rs 500 in no time


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