Free Apprenticeship Training Portal 2021 | Best Jobs opportunity for Students


Hello Candidates, If you are a student and looking for earning some income while studying in School/College. If “Yes”, then the National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme has once again brought forward Apprenticeship Training Portal for the year 2021.

This was possible due to a partnership with Skill India- A Government portal where you can learn new skills.


Interested people can look below for regsitration process.

How to Register for Apprenticeship Training Portal 2021

Other details:

  • From 31st March 2020 till date, there are a total of 27,418 active establishments
  • In FY 19-20, they engaged around 3,04,820 apprentices in India
  • If you visit their website, there are a total of 15990 Opportunities for every job sector

Note: You will need a registration number for applying for any job on this portal

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Apprenticeship Training?

Ans. Apprenticeship Training is a course of training in any industry or establishment, undergone in pursuance of a contract of apprenticeship between employer and apprentices and under prescribed terms and conditions.

2. Is Apprenticeship Training mandated under any Act?

Ans. Yes

• All establishments having a workforce (regular and contract employees) of 30 or more are mandated to undertake Apprenticeship Programs in a range from 2.5% -15% of its workforce (including contractual employees) every year.

• For establishments having a workforce between 4-29 this is optional.

• Establishments that have a workforce of 3 or less are not permitted to engage apprentices.

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3. What is National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme?

Ans. National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS) is a new scheme of Government of India to provide financial support to establishments undertaking the apprenticeship training. It was launched on19th August 2016.

4. What are the Objectives of National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS)?

Ans. To promote apprenticeship training in the country.To provide financial support to establishments to undertake apprenticeship programs in the following ways:-

i) To support establishments, (especially MSMEs) to engage apprentices under the Apprentices Act and pay a stipend to them as per prescribed rates wherein under NAPS 25% of prescribed stipend subject to a maximum of Rs. 1500/- per month per apprentice is reimbursed to such establishments by the Government of India to engage apprentices.

ii) To support the establishments (especially MSMEs) per apprentice for a maximum of 500 hours is reimbursed to them (to be calculated @ Rs. 15/hour) /or to the Basic Training Provider engaged by them under NAPS by the Government of India.

5. What is Basic Training (BT)?

Ans. Basic training consists of the theoretical and practical/lab instructions portion of every Apprenticeship Programme syllabi relating to a particular trade in which on-the-job training is imparted. Basic training is an essential component of apprenticeship training for those who have not undergone any institutional training/skill training before taking up on-the-job training/practical training. Basic Training is imparted to the fresher apprentices for acquiring a reasonable ability to handle Instruments/Machinery/Equipment independently before being moved to Shop Floor/Work Area for practical training / On-Job Training

What is the Duration of Baisc Training (BT)?

Ans. Basic Training usually accounts for 20-25% of the duration of the overall Apprenticeship Programme but can vary depending on the specific requirement of the curriculum.


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