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Hello everyone! If you want to do some challenges related to the e-commerce ecosystem then you have visited the right place as in this post we will discuss the newly launched Flipkart WiRED 6.0 which is an Indian e-commerce ecosystem Challenge include quiz, case study analysis and many more so remains with us to know details about this challenge till the end of the post.

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About Flipkart WiRED 6.0

The #1 B-School competition is back! 

Presenting Flipkart WiRED 6.0- The Power of One.

More prestigious than ever before, we welcome PAN India B-school students to maximize their ideas across FOUR tracks (Business, Product, Supply Chain, and Human Resources). Come experience the Power of One with us this year and embark on the journey of being the best in the country. We invite everyone to help us address the challenge of the e-commerce ecosystem by approaching it from a perspective that is consistent with your area of expertise. In its quest, Flipkart launched WiRED to give B-School students a first-hand experience of challenges in the Indian e-commerce ecosystem. It has been made open to all B-Schools in the country, to both batches and to all specialties, with the sole intention of giving every B-School student in the country an equal opportunity to compete and provide the best talent a chance at Flipkart. The four stages of the competition will be watched closely, and the top-performing teams will receive PPIs for internship or full-time placement possibilities at Flipkart as the tournament moves through each stage.

Flipkart WiRED 6.0

Eligibility Criteria

Flipkart WiRED 6.0 is open to all B-Schools in India with one or two-year full-time flagship PGP/MBA programs for both the first and second-year students. 

Team Formation Guidelines:

  • There should be 3 members on each team.
  • There is no room for intercampus teams.
  • Each team will have to choose a track while registering on Unstop from the available 4 tracks (Business, Product, HR, and Supply Chain).
  • There will be no post-registration changes to the team constitution permitted.
  • Team members cannot be from different years.
  • Teams with different specialties are accepted.
  • There is no upper limit to the number of teams from a campus.

Structure of Flipkart WiRED 6.0 Challenge

WiRED 6.0 will move across 4 milestones, with each stage acting as a qualifier round for the next one. The objectives of these stages and the challenges that are presented during the entire phase are to provide the participants a taste of relevant and intriguing problems in the e-commerce ecosystem and to assess their technical expertise, problem-solving abilities, and creativity. Become WiRED as ONE, are you ready?

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1. Round 1 – Virtual Kick-Off Event and Quiz:

  • Flipkart will host a virtual kick-off event before the qualifier round (Quiz) on 30th August 2022.
  • On August 31, 2022, each team member will be expected to complete a 30-minute test.; the average of their scores will be considered for evaluation
  • It is mandatory for all the members of a team to attempt the online quiz round. A team’s score will be deemed invalid if one of its members chooses not to participate in the quiz round.
  • The quiz will be a mix of cases, picture-based, and theme-based questions testing the domain knowledge of the students. Each team will appear for the quiz based on the track chosen during registration

Round 1 (Qualifier): Online Quiz – Business Track, HR Track, Product and Supply Chain Track

Registered teams will take a quiz for 30 mins on 31 Aug 22 b/w 12:00 PM IST & 09:00 PM IST. It will be a mix of cases, picture-based and theme-based questions testing the domain knowledge of the students. Each team will appear for the quiz based on the track chosen during registration.

2. Round 2 – Case Study Challenge:

  • All the qualifying teams from each track across all campuses based on the quiz will move to Round 2.
  • All four tracks—Business, Supply Chain, Product, and HR—will start case studies. Each team will submit the solution based on the track chosen during registration.
  • Any attempt to submit a different case solution or multiple case solutions may lead to disqualification of the team at the discretion of Flipkart.
  • The case study’s recommended structure for submitting the solutions on the Unstop platform is required.
  • No more than three slides should be used to submit the idea(s).
  • The timeline of this round is from 03 Sep 22 at 12:00 PM IST to 08 Sep 22 at 11:59 PM IST

3. Virtual Semi-Finale (Detailed PPT Submission):

  • Flipkart will review all of the teams’ entries before selecting the top teams from each of the 4 tracks.These teams will move to the Semi-Finals.
  • The qualifying teams will each receive a briefing on the round.
  • These teams will have to submit a detailed PPT of max. 8 slides (excluding cover slides and annexures) with scalability aspects and implementation of the ideas proposed earlier.
  • The submission can include all annexures, such as graphs, datasheets, and other supporting materials.
  • The timeline of this round is from 15 Sep 22 at 06:00 PM IST to 29 Sep 22 at 11:59 PM IST

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Round 3 – Virtual Semi-Finale:

  • Post submissions, these teams will then present to a panel consisting of senior Flipkart leadership.
  • The panel will evaluate the performance based on the 10-minute presentation + 10 minutes of Q&A.
  • The top 5 teams from each track will move to the grand finale.
  • The timeline of this round is from 02 Oct 22 at 12:00 PM IST to 05 Oct 22 at 08:00 PM IST

Round 4 – Down to the WiRED (Grand Finale):

  • The winners of each track will then receive information about the grand finale.
  • Teams will be assigned a mentor from Flipkart to guide them for a week before the final presentation. 
  • The Flipkart ETV Campus will host this event.
  • The finalists will present to a panel of eminent leaders from Flipkart.
  • The panel will evaluate the performance based on the 15-minute presentation + 15 minutes of Q&A.
  • The national champions and runners-up (from each domain) receive the honor in a dazzling ceremony after the results have been announced.
  • This round is from 19 Oct 22 at 12:00 PM IST to 19 Oct 22 at 06:00 PM IST

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Benefits of this challenge

The prizes are for each of the 4 domains – Business, Product, Supply Chain & HR. Please refer to the details below:

  • National Winners: The National Winners receive Electronic Gift Vouchers worth INR 2,00,000
  • Runners-Up: The Runners-Up receive Electronic Gift Vouchers worth INR 50,000
  • PPIs: Selected students will also get an opportunity to bag Pre-Placement Interviews (PPIs) from Flipkart at the Semi-Finale Round
  • The best teams will be continuously monitored as the competition moves through the four stages and will be given PPIs for internship or full-time placement possibilities at Flipkart.

How to apply?

To apply to Flipkart WiRED 6.0 Challenge CLICK HERE

To view the notification of Flipkart WiRED 6.0 Challenge CLICK HERE

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