EVA Storage Works HP0-J18 Implementing HP Solutions Exam


EVA Storage Works HP0-J18 Implementing HP Solutions Exam





Sample Questions

Q) Which factor, in addition to storage and storage growth is a typical driver for the implementation of the Enterprise Virtual Array 8000 decisions?

a) flow

b) data availability

c) backup window

d) management costs

e) None

Q) What happens if the HSV controller reaches a critical temperature?

a) Ungroup zooms.

b) A cache is a write-through mode.

c) Unused ports of the host are disabled.

d) Array closes after 180 seconds.

e) None

Q) Do you have a computer connected to the EVA6000 with two HBA-adapter. You will see that EVA is available only through the HBA. What are the possible causes? (Choose three.)

a) There is a faulty cable FC.

b) The fabric is not properly zoned.

c) HSV controller is switched off.

d) The properties of the virtual disk is no failback.

e) Error HBA WWID added to host a specific port.

Q) When the cache battery fails and EVA8000, so it is important to replace it as soon as possible?

a) The device will not be presented to the second battery is not too much.

b) The primary controller is switched off until the battery cache will not be replaced.

c) The secondary controller receives all units to change the state of the battery.

d) Cache is recording via the primary controller.

e) None

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