Hello folks! There is a great opportunity for everyone who wants to crack the Google interview as the Google Launched Free Interview Preparation Course is launched so stay with us till the end of the post.

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About Google

Google LLC is a global technology corporation with headquarters in California that focuses on consumer electronics, cloud computing, quantum computing, computer software, search engine technology, artificial intelligence, and online advertising. The Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth is the full name of Google.

When Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergei Brin were considering names for the company in 1998, they chose the word “googol.” They were engineers, so they knew what the word meant. However, they decided to alter the word rather than use it as-is slightly. The “o” between “g” and “l” was eliminated, and a “e” was added to follow the “l.” Thus, Google was created.

Google Free Interview Preparation

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Available resources in Google Free Interview Preparation Course

1. Interview tips from Google engineers

Are you looking for interview advice for software engineering? In this video, Google engineers offer tips for acing software engineering interviews at Google or other businesses.

2. How to prepare for coding interviews

It can be difficult to prepare for interviews in coding. To find out more about how to maximize your study time so that you ace those interviews, read this article! (freeCodeCamp)

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3. Google’s hiring process

If you’re interested in learning more about Google’s hiring procedure and the qualities we look for in applicants, whether you’re applying for an engineering position or another position, visit this page (Google Careers)

4. How to communicate in technical Interviews

The ability to express yourself clearly during an interview is just as crucial as demonstrating your technical proficiency. For more information on how to communicate in technical interviews, watch this video. (YouTube)

5. How to prepare for interviews

Are you wondering how to get ready for coding interviews? Watch this video to hear tips from Google engineers on how to improve both your technical and communication skills.

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6. Mock Google interview

Are you interested in learning what a Google interview entails? Watch this video to see two Google engineers conduct a mock coding interview. In the end, they share their advice and best practices.

7. Where to practice coding interview questions

Practice makes perfect when learning how to answer coding questions. Check out this article to find interactive websites you can use to find practice problems if you’re not sure where to begin.

How to apply?

To apply for Google Free Interview Preparation Course CLICK HERE

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