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Do you want to work at Top Companies Such as Google, Yahoo, Adobe, Amazon, HCL and many more.Than This Free workshop is for you.


An interesting, resourceful yet a complicated topic-Bit manipulation that often comes into consideration during the placement season. To walk you through the concept of Bit manipulation, we are holding a workshop for you all on 8thOctober, 2020.

Workshop Highlights:

Brief preview of Binary Number System

·        Bitwise operators

·        Bit manipulation algorithms

·        Trick with Bits

·        Bitwise & Logical operators

·        Solving bit manipulation problems

·        Mastering Bit manipulation

·        Bit manipulation Interview Questions

Usage of Bit Manipulation:

·        Compression & Encryption

·        Digital Image processing

·        Competitive Programming

·        Digital Electronics

·Bit manipulation is a significant part during the technical placement rounds at companies like Google, Yahoo, Adobe, Amazon, HCL and many more. Join us for this workshop that can answer all your queries around this topic under one roof.

Cost – FREE

Date – 06-10-2020
Time – 8:00 Pm

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