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Hey there, IBM going to organize an online Event on “ Machine Learning with Python“. So read this full post to get the details about this event.

About the Event

This Machine Learning with Python course dives into the basics of Machine Learning using Python. You’ll learn about Supervised vs Unsupervised Learning, look into how Statistical Modelling relates to Machine Learning, and do a comparison of each.

Look at real life examples of Machine Learning and how it affects society in ways you may not have guessed!

There will be total 6 workshops


1. ML with Python, workshop 1 – 27 Aug – Thursday – 3pm to 5pm

2. ML with Python, workshop 2 – 03 Sep – Thursday – 3pm to 5pm

3. ML with Python, workshop 3 – 10 Sep – Thursday – 3pm to 5pm

4. ML with Python, workshop 4 – 17 Sep – Thursday – 3pm to 5pm

5. ML with Python, workshop 5 – 24 Sep – Thursday – 3pm to 5pm

6. ML with Python, workshop 6 – 01 Oct – Thursday – 3pm to 5pm

Important dates and time

Wed, Aug 19, 2020, 10:00 PM –Thu, Oct 1, 2020, 2:00 PM IST

How to Register

If you want to register for this event, simply click on the given registration link below.

Registration Link: Click Here


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