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About The Webinar

Many students wish to graduate from a well-known university, yet not everyone can. Getting admitted to study abroad is quite different from what we may be used to.

At the webinar we will go over typical errors that students often make during the application process and discuss what it takes to live and study abroad.

Who is the webinar for

  • High school students pursuing prestigious higher education
  • Bachelor students planning to study for a Masters degree
  • Anyone who is planning to get quality education abroad

Important Dates & Timing

Date: 27/08/2020

Timing: 20:00 Delhi, India

About your Webinar Host

  • Dasha Kroshkina, CEO&Founder of StudyFree
  • Studied and lived for free during 1 semester in Spain ($10,000)
  • Won Russian Federation Presidential scholarship to fully pay for a double major degree in China,including all living expenses and flight tickets ($30,000)
  • Received full grant to one of the world’s top business schools (#10 in global raitings) to study on a Masters program, as well as an additional grant that covered living expenses ($53,000)
  • Won a scholarship to take an expensive and one of the world’s prestigious qualifications exam in finances ($2,500)
  • Received a grant for a schort-term program in the USA to study at Stanfrod University and attend workshops in Sillicon Valley ($5,500)
  • Won the McKinsey Next Generation Women Leadership Award from the world’s most successful consulting company (McKinsey) for her education business initiative.

How To Register

Register for our free webinar to find out how you can increase your chances to study abroad. Click The Given Registration Link Below.

Registration Link: Register Here

What you will find out at the webinar

How study abroad experience can influence your future.

Why you should act now and what to do during challenging times.

How to get accepted to TOP-50 universities in the world and study for free.

Which exams you’d have to take and how to prepare for them.

What makes it different living and studying in the USA, UK, France, Germany, and other 18 countries.

What are grants and scholarships and how to get them.


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