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Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering National Institute of Technology Silchar, Assam, is going to organize a webinar on “Recent Trends and Signal Processing and communication”.

About This Webinar

The advent of technology has industrialized the industrial and education society. Despite its success, there are several aspects which need significant

A comprehensive interdisciplinary research and development effort is needed to address these issues. The webinar aims at providing comprehensive coverage of most emerging recent research topics in various fields related to Signal processing and Communication.

Signal processing is a ubiquitous technology which plays the central role in
many different areas of applications, e.g., audio, video, image and speech processing, communications, healthcare, automotive safety and surveillance, safety and security of underground pipelines transporting water, oil and natural gas, and many more.

How to Register

If you are interested to register in this free webinar, then click on the given link below.

Registration Link: Click Here

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Topics To Be Covered

  • Analysis and Signal Processing of Pathological Voices
  • Practical Signal and Image Processing in Clinical
  • Cardiology
  • Communication Algorithms via Deep Learning.
  • Green Communication and its Research Aspects.
  • Cognitive Radio Technology and its Research Aspects.
  • 4G, 5G, 6G Cellular Wireless and IEEE 802.11ax Based
  • WiFi 6: A Comparison.
  • 5G Challenges and Enabling Technologies.
  • Millimeter-wave Wireless Communication System
  • and its Research Aspects.
  • Deep Learning Architectures for Image Processing.
  • Graph Signal Processing: Connections to Distributed
  • Optimization and Deep Learning.
  • Block Chain Coding.
  • Speech, Image, Video Processing, Multi-resolution
  • Signal Processing
  • Multimedia Security Analysis.
  • Light-field Imaging.
  • Computational Intelligence Modelling for Printed
  • Microwave Circuits.

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