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About This Webinar

A series of online talks on the broad theme of “Mechanics of Materials” will be held on Wednesdays in the months of September to December 2020.

These are detailed 45-60 minute talks, delivered by recognized experts in the field and are meant for active researchers in this area. The choice of topics reflects the diverse range of multi-disciplinary fields where advanced mechanics of solids has made significant impact in recent years.

Important Dates

16th September to 16th December 2020

Webinar will be held on These Topics

  • Mechanics & Mechanisms of fracture of magnesium
  • New and simple approach to rate independent micro plasticity and prediction of fatigue life
  • Maintaining order among disorder: fluctuations in the life of a cell
  • Modeling failure and fracture in soft materials
  • Multi-scale modeling of failure in composite materials
  • TBD
  • Micro-mechanics, coarse-grainning and emergence in time
  • Multi-scale Homogenization and Application to Meta-materials
  • And More.

All interested are welcome to attend. However, you need to register for each talk by clicking on the link beside the title. The number of actual attendees are limited to 100.

Talks will be archived for later viewing only if the speaker agrees. All talks and discussions will be moderated. Help us spread the word.

Interested candidates needs to register for all the talks they want to join.

How To Apply For This Webinar

Interested Candidates can apply by clicking On The Link Given Below.

Apply Link: Apply here


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