Why my Resume got selected in Google {FREE Resume Template Added 😋} TM Talks

Watch this video for complete understanding on how you can create resume like me.

In this article, I’m going to first walk you through the résumé I personally used to get a Data analyst apprenticeship job at Google.

Then, I’m going to show you how I would change it today based on what I’ve learned since then.

I’m also going to give you some general tips and advice on how to build your own Data Analyst résumé.


I don’t really consider myself an expert on résumé writing, but hopefully I’ll be able to provide some insights based on my personal experience, as well as some research I’ve done to write this article.

Now, here are some Resume key takeaways.

In general, a CV has 4 main buckets (portions):
● Academics
● Internships & Work Experience
● Positions of Responsibility
● Extra-Curricular

A good CV is considered to be one that is balanced (i.e. has some points in each of the buckets) but there are exceptions in case of spikes (great
achievements). Let’s understand it better

8 tips for preparing a good CV/Resume for College/ Internship and Job interviews:

  1. It should be one-pager: if you’re thinking of adding another page, the only reason should be that one page isn’t sufficient to hold your achievements.
  2. It shouldn’t have a photo: it doesn’t serve any purpose.
  3. It should be bucketed: achievements should be divided into buckets. Movement of buckets is allowed but follow basic guidelines – don’t put academics
    at the end, don’t start with extra-curricular achievements.
  4. It should be balanced: each bucket should have more or less equal number of achievements to reflect that you are an all-rounder.
  5. It should have spikes: spikes refer to extra-ordinary achievements that add value to your candidature. Try that more than one buckets have spikes.
  6. It should prioritize better achievements: the more significant the achievement, the higher it appears in a bucket, it need not be chronological.
  7. It should contain numbers: add value to your achievements by quoting numbers. For example, AIR-1 in an Olympiad v/s AIR-1 out of 2,00,000+.
  8. It should be well-formatted: use bold to emphasize things that are important e.g. ranks, name of a project, Olympiad name, national/international, etc.

Here is my Resume Template that I used for GOOGLE Data Analyst Apprenticeship, To Download CLICK HERE

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