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In full-stack development, backend development is often seen as more complex and difficult. It’s not easy being a backend developer. The backend is considered the brain of the application and if something goes wrong here, the whole application can crash. So the backend has to be solid and the people working on it have to be qualified. In this area, we can do a lot with Node.js.
The inventor of Node.js is Ryan Dahl, who implemented the idea of ​​processing multiple requests simultaneously in this tool in 2009. Basically, Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment written on the Google V8 engine and usually used for backend development.

Currently, NodeJS is the largest free, open source, cross-platform runtime environment used to build a variety of server-side solutions including IoT, social media, and real-time applications.
Node.js(nodejs) is an event-driven, server-side JavaScript I/O environment based on V8. Being one of the most demanded and fastest growing scripting languages ​​these days, there is a high demand and many developers and programmers are also looking forward to learning Nodejs. This course gives you the opportunity to learn NodeJS (node.js aka nodejs) in a few hours. While not everything is taught and no advanced concepts are covered, this course ensures you know enough to start a small application on nodejs.


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