Learn Microsoft Publisher | Complete Microsoft Publisher – (Free Course)


What you’ll learn

  • Learn the Font & Paragraph Formatting Options
  • Learn the Use of Scratch Area
  • Learn How to Insert & Use Different Text Box options
  • Learn How to Insert & Manipulate the Pictures
  • Learn How to Insert & Manipulate the Tables
  • Learn How to Insert & Manipulate the Shapes
  • Learn the Use of WordArt styles
  • Learn the Use of Business Information
  • Learn to Check the Publication for Potential Errors
  • Learn to Create the Publication Using Building Blocks
  • Learn the Page Setup, Layout & Background Options
  • Learn to work with Master Pages
  • Learn the Use of Mailings Options
  • Learn to Create the Web Page of the Publication
  • Learn the Saving, Printing & Sharing Options for the Publication
  • Learn the Use of Built-in Templates
  • Learn How to Design the Custom Business Card


Learn the Microsoft Publisher Designing Skills By joining this Complete Microsoft Publisher Training Course.

Microsoft Publisher is one of the Products of Microsoft Office. Microsoft Publisher interface looks very much like other Microsoft office products as Microsoft Word but it is extensively used for designing.


Microsoft Publisher is used for different design work. Microsoft Publisher can be used for advertisements design, certificate design, newsletter design, flyer or brochure design, banner design, business card design, or letterhead design. In short, Microsoft Publisher can be used for any kind of design work including the book’s cover page, letters, resumes, or any other documentation work.

This Microsoft Publisher course is a complete guide to learn all the above-mentioned Microsoft Publisher uses. In this course of Microsoft Publisher, you will be able to learn from a very beginner level to an expert level.

This Microsoft Publisher course is complete Microsoft Publisher training from basic to advanced level. If your work is related to any of the above-mentioned uses of Microsoft Publisher or if you have an interest in document design work then you can choose this Microsoft Publisher course to start as a guide.

This Microsoft Publisher course has a total of 29 video lectures with a total length of 03 hours. To facilitate the beginners some basic level topics are also covered but if you already know the basic level topics like different font formatting options in Microsoft Publisher then you can skip those initial topics.

This course is designed in the Microsoft Publisher 2019 version but it can be easily learned in almost any older or latest version of Microsoft office.

The shortcut keys file is also attached for Microsoft Publisher. You can download that.

This Microsoft Publisher course is divided into the following sections:

1. Introduction

2. Home Tab

3. Insert Tab

4. Page Design Tab

5. Mailings Tab

6. Review Tab

7. View Tab

8. File Tab

9. Custom Design

There are plenty of topics covered in each of these sections. Also, you will see the use of different templates in Microsoft Publisher, and in the last section of ‘custom design,’ all tools & objects that are learned in previous sections are used to Design a Custom Business Card in Microsoft Publisher.

So, Hit on the ‘Enroll Now’ Button & Learn the complete Microsoft Publisher Course. Happy Learning!

Who this course is for:

  • Office worker whose job is to design templates
  • Teachers or Instructors
  • Freelancers
  • Students
  • Any one who want to learn the Microsoft Publisher

How to Get this course FREE?

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