Learn to play musical keyboard on mobile phone or real keybo – (Free Course)


What you’ll learn

  • Will learn the names of each major key note
  • Will learn the names of each minor key note
  • Will learn basic scales.
  • Will be taught how to play the lead (vocals / lyrics) of at least 2 songs
  • Will learn how to switch between different notes
  • Should be able to play the vocals ( Lyrics) of any song they want themselves at the end of the course.


Hi passionate music learners,

You may complete the course in one day, 7 days or as per your easiness. But you will only learn to play it well till you keep on practicing. Course is comprehensive & short, but the key to learn is practicing, practiding & practicing. No other way. No overnight learning. No short cuts.


Have you ever dreamed of playing the vocals of your favorite song on electric keyboared? If  yes, this course is for you.

In this course, with the help of any app like organ 2024, which is free to use or any other, your mobile phone will be converted into a real touch electric keyboared. And you will see white and black notes as you see in a piano. I have deigned this course in such a way that most of the lectures in this course are interactive video lectures where I have recorded my mobile screen. So you will see on your mobile, laptop, desktop etc the full screen of my mobile phone and you will listen my voice while learning, & you  will also listen the voice of the keyboard when I will touch any key on my touch mobile. You will also see the touched key pressed.

You can learn by 2 methods, one that if you have a desktop or laptop, you start my course there and you should playing what I am teaching you on your mobile.

The other method is that you open my course on your mobile browser on desktop version and start it. Before that, it’s better to open the organ app of keyboared which you will download from android play store or apple store. So after listening my course & understanding, mimize the browser after pausing the video tutorial and open the app and start practicing what you have seen. After that, you will again go to browser to start the course from where you left.

First method has the advantage that while you watch, you can play on your mobile phone.

The second method has the advantage that you can learn on the go where ever you are. So it’s your choice. You may use the combinition of both.

We will learn how to move fingers on white & black notes from scratch. Even, a person who has never touch keyboard can learn with course. We will be learning the names of these notes in English.

Regarding the course after learning the basic notes & Music terminologies we will practice these notes with a couple of songs. Hopefully, by then, you will yourself be in the position to create the melody of any song you want or ever wished to play in thev voice like Flute, violin, guitar etc, and imagine, if you can play what the singer is singing (vocals) on your keyboard called (Lead) in any of your favorite instrument’s voice, it will really be a  dream come true if you are a  passionate lover and learner of music.

Isn’t it exciting thing  that you not need to buy even a keyboard. But you have various apps and your mobile phone has been virtually converted to a musical keyboard. You may even attach your mobile to speaker to play in a family or friends gathering after you have got the confidence.

Even more exciting is that as the sound is produced from mobile, there are no issues of recording. And if you buy a real keyboard or harmonium/Harmonica, you will play it in the same way as you will learn in this course. If you like this course, you may ask for Flute & violin lessons if you may want. But for those lessons you have to buy a good quality Flute & or a good quality violin.

Good luck to all of my students

Who this course is for:

  • For any one who wants to learn the keyboard and piano without buying a keyboard.
  • For any one who wants to play any musical instrument to learn the basics without buying any instrument.

How to Get this course FREE?

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