Time To Go: How To Safely Leave An Abusive Relationship- (Free Course)


What you’ll learn

  • Understand the 10 major types of abuse and the many different methods. Yes, there is a difference in the two
  • Know the many different signs of abuse
  • Know the Factors leading to domestic abuse
  • Understand the impact of abuse on the victim, children and the family; including some statistics
  • Successfully leave an abusive relationship safely and with confidence
  • Have the knowledge and skills to successfully start their new life abuse free
  • Know 16 sources for where they can raise finance to leave
  • Know how to sever all ties with their abuser through legal separation or divorce
  • Be clear on who they should go to for support and who they should hold back from telling
  • Learn from the true stories of other victims and survivors
  • Wisely and Safely walk away from an abusive relationship

This course includes:

  • 5 hours on-demand video
  • Assignments
  • 2 articles
  • 7 downloadable resources
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Full lifetime access
  • Certificate of completion


Domestic abuse knows no barriers of age, religion, culture or gender; although the vast majority of victims are women. Be it Emotional Abuse, Physical Abuse, Financial Abuse, Sexual Abuse or Neglect, etc. this course unravels the dangers of abusive relationships and lays out a step-by-step plan to successfully put it behind you.

This course will take you from feeling devalued, disrespected, frustrated, confused, mentally tired or stressed, isolated, alone and in fear in an unhealthy relationship to being empowered, knowledgeable, confident, motivated, gaining mental and physical freedom, supported and flourishing in your new life.


I have personally been there, I experienced it and want to share the wealth of knowledge and information with you on how you too can survive and thrive. Why? FreedomI want you to be Abuse-Free and live the FULFILLING life you were born to!

Take the steps today to see SMILES and HAPPINESS instead of tears caused by a toxic relationship and an abusive partner. Put yourself on the road to self-love, mental clarity and reclaiming your power.

As your instructor I will share insights and expertise from over two decades of personal experience, research and training in relationship dynamics.

Students will learn a number of key lessons including: spotting abuse, planning your exit, raising finance, successfully leaving your abuser once and for all and keys to never getting into another abusive relationship.

This 5 hours plus course is structured into 10 segments broken down into individual lectures, each in Power Point slides and videos, plus downloadable course material, tasks and insightful information. Each lecture has simple action steps and quizzes to reinforce your learning.

This course is suitable for men and women 16 years plus; or younger individuals who are in an abusive marriage and want to leave their abusive spouse.

Who this course is for:

  • Women who are victims of domestic violence
  • Men who are victims of domestic violence
  • Abusers wishing to change their attitude and behaviour
  • Women who are constantly stressed in their relationship and need clarity on whether the relationship is abusive or not
  • Individuals wanting to be more informed about what support they can offer to people they suspect or know are in abusive relationships
  • Professionals wanting to learn more about domestic violence and other types of relationship abuse
  • Victims ready to leave their abuser but needing clear guidance on how to do it safely and successfully

How to Get this course FREE?

Note: The udemy Courses Will be free for a Maximum of 1000 Learners can use the promo code AND Get this course 100% Free. After that, you will get this course at a discounted price. (Still, It’s a good deal for you to get this course at a discounted price).

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