Uncover Your Wealth Power- (Free Course)


What you’ll learn

  • Become clear about what you want. When you understand what true Wealth is you become crystal clear on what you want and WHY you want it.
  • Release inner blocks and feel a healthy relationship with Money. We unconsciously give money more importance than is warranted in this new era.
  • Feel more abundance and a burden lifted from past patterning. As you release unconscious past experiences and family loyalties you feel the veil lifting.
  • Be confident through strong self belief and appreciation for your abilities and strengths through strengthening the self-concept and creating a new blueprint.
  • Expect a transformation in your approach and relationship to finances and life
  • Feel an increased sense of self worth, resulting in increased earnings


We can be as wealthy and as successful as we allow ourselves to be. We also have an internal thermostat that regulates our lower and upper limits for money, success and love. This internal thermostat is informed by our beliefs, patterning and identity.

The two stages of life that inform our identity and money beliefs are, believe it or not, (1) from birth to 7/8 years old  (2) trauma. This means that we created our money beliefs unconsciously before we were old enough to be given a lesson on finances. Also, when we were older, in moments when our self worth was its lowest!


Regardless of effort and strategies, this internal thermostat runs independently on an unconscious level, sometimes like a runaway train, unless we do the subconscious change work. No matter your circumstances or level of success, this course is designed to transform your relationship with money and your view of wealth, eradicate self sabotaging beliefs, and create a step-by-step new success blueprint.

Add to this, most women feel inadequately prepared to handle finances. And if you were among the few who competently handled their finances, a late-life divorce probably wreaked havoc on your retirement plan and has left you stressed about your future… paralyzed in inaction…paralyzed in discomfort, look no further this course also introduces budget management approaches.

The modules are sequential with each building up the previous and include transformational audios designed to penetrate the subconscious, rapidly releasing old patterning and create a new blueprint for next level success. Topics covered include:

1. Your definition of Money & Wealth

2. Beliefs, Thought Patterns, Language

3. The Inner Critic

4. Sudden Wealth Syndrome

5. Art of Reframing

6. The Stages of Wealth Building

7. The Keys to Financial Mastery

8. The Road to Fulfillment

9. A New Blueprint

10. Integration: The Journey Ahead

The transformation you will experience is at the subconscious level. Over time you’ll see yourself doing things differently and you’ll feel a shift in your body.

Who this course is for:

  • Professionals in careers, entrepreneurs or anyone who has experienced financial setbacks and/or anyone who wants to up level their financial success.
  • Anyone yearning to up level their earning power

How to Get this course FREE?

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