Unlock your Passive Income with Photography on Unsplash – (Free Course)


What you’ll learn

  • Build passive income stream on Unsplash
  • Learn primary and secondary ways to make money from Unsplash
  • Unsplash profile setup from 0 to Hero
  • Start a photography career on Unsplash
  • In-depth understanding of the Unsplash license
  • How to join Unsplash plus program & enjoy its perks


This course will cover How to Start on Unsplash and earn your first Passive Income today with your Photography Skills. If you are a photographer and looking to create your passive income stream aided with Photography Portfolio, this course is for you. I discuss every aspect of Unsplash and will teach from account creation to creating your own first passive income with Unsplash.

The Main Goals and Findings of this Course:

  • We start with What is Unsplash with Course Overview,
  • We Signup Unsplash Account aided with Step by Step guidance.
  • I help you in Completing your Unsplash Profile.
  • Detailed Understandability of Open-Ended Unsplash License
  • Discuss the Submission Guidelines before uploading your first photo on Unsplash.
  • I will help you in Uploading your First Photo and How to get your photos found on it.
  • We Explore the Photo and Account Stats
  • We cover open Unsplash Topics and learn how we contribute to them.
  • The best feature on Unsplash is Trends, which uses keyword searches across the platform to measure popularity, competition, and demand for the search keyword.
  • We understand where to find Unsplash Notifications.
  • We learn how to feature on the Unsplash Editorial Feed to get the most engagement.
  • We create the Unsplash Collections and add photos to them,
  • We learn why and how to participate in ”Unsplash Awards”.
  • Finally, we learn how to make passive income with Unsplash Plus program.

Best Wishes

Saqib Iqbal Digital

Who this course is for:

  • Photographers who want to earn money with Unsplash
  • Photographers who want to create passive income stream
  • Beginner Photographers to build online portfolio

How to Get this course FREE?

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