e-Yantra Innovation Challenge 2023: Win Up to Rs. 25 Lakh in Prizes!


The e-Yantra Innovation Challenge (eYIC) is an annual competition organized by the e-Yantra Robotics Lab at IIT Bombay. The competition is open to all students in India, and it aims to foster innovation and creativity in the field of robotics.

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e-Yantra Innovation Challenge 2023: Win Up to Rs. 25 Lakh in Prizes!
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About the e-Yantra Innovation Challenge

e-Yantra Innovation Challenge (eYIC) is a unique annual competition that trains student teams in crucial skills through MOOCs before getting them to solve real-world problems and build startups. eYIC started in 2014 and this year marks the 10th year of the e-Yantra Innovation Challenge. For the past few years, on average, 2,000 students have participated in e-Yantra’s Innovation Challenge.


Students from all streams and disciplines, currently enrolled in any degree program at undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD level

Must have min. 2 and a max. 4 members, and each student can join only 1 team. 1 guiding faculty can be onboarded in a team as a member, by choice.

Students from different institutions and domains can also collaborate together as a team by choice.

1 member of each team should be designated as team leader, solely for the purpose of maintaining all communications with e-Yantra.


Up to 25 lakhs and 2,000+ certificates will be provided.

In addition to getting a chance to pitch, winners will individually receive a monthly stipend for a year, as they keep working to get their ideas market-ready.

Engaging in competitions and entrepreneurship not only provides practical skills for professional development but also cultivates empathy and a broader worldview through understanding others’ experiences.

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Interested candidates can register via this page.


3000 INR / Team (inc. taxes).


29 September 2023.


Email us at: eyic[at]e-yantra.org



India’s agricultural sector is a global leader, but its GDP contribution is only 20.2%. To counter this, bringing young engineers together on a common platform holds potential. Despite being a significant producer of various crops and livestock, declining GDP share from agriculture in the last 25 years is due to resource-intensive mass production, climate-induced issues, and urban shifts. Utilizing technology is key to addressing these challenges and fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in agriculture.

Disaster Management

Disaster management is crucial due to the wide-ranging impacts of both natural and man-made disasters, causing loss of life, property damage, and economic disruptions. While disasters are inevitable, their effects can be mitigated through hazard assessments, awareness, preparedness, and international cooperation. e-Yantra believes in nurturing young innovators to develop technology-driven solutions in areas like prediction, response, recovery, and learning from disasters, addressing the diverse challenges posed by these events.

Inclusive cities

In the face of escalating climate-induced vulnerabilities and widening disparities in urban areas, the imperative for inclusive cities has never been more pronounced. With projections indicating that half of India’s population will be urban dwellers in the next 30 years, addressing social, economic, and environmental inequalities becomes paramount. This Innovation Challenge exemplifies a pioneering effort to foster inclusive cities by harnessing innovative technology to empower individuals with disabilities, embodying a movement that places empathy and equity at the forefront of urban transformation.

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How To Apply?

If You are an Interested candidate You can apply For e-Yantra Innovation Challenge

Official Website Link Click Here

More Details Click Here

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