Accenture Innovation Challenge 2022| Job Offer After Completing Accenture Challenge


Hello folks! Are you keep searching for Innovation Challenges that give job offers in return after completion of the challenge then you have reached to right post as we will discuss the newly launched Accenture Innovation Challenge 2022.

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About Accenture Innovation Challenge 2022

With a roar, the Accenture Innovation Challenge is coming! Prepare yourself completely to innovate your way to 360° value. Does your innovation have the potential to solve some of the most pressing issues facing the world today, transform a company, or usher in a greener tomorrow?

The Accenture Innovation Challenge is back, and we’re looking for the most brilliant inventors who have a desire to make a real difference. In order to generate value for our clients, businesses, and communities, Accenture believes in the power of human inventiveness and technology. This year’s theme ‘Innovate for 360° Value’ is based on this innovative strategy, which will open up fresh possibilities and rewarding opportunities for a young genius like you. Therefore, we are offering you the largest platform to shine and stand out—Participate today if you have a great idea and a strong desire to make a huge difference!

Accenture Innovation Challenge 2022

Eligibility criteria & Team Rules

  • The Accenture Innovation Challenge 2022 is open to students enrolled full-time in undergraduate and graduate programs at any Indian institution and in any year.
  • Teams of no more than three people or individuals may register as participants.
  • A team cannot have an engineering student and a non-engineering student as members which means a team must strictly consist of all engineering, all non-engineering, or all business school students.
  • Teams from different specialties, years, and colleges are permitted.
  • Each member of the team will be immediately disqualified if they violate any of the aforementioned rules.

Challenge Structure

1. Round 1: Idea Submission Round

  • Teams can choose to focus on one of the three Accenture Innovation Challenge 2022 themes and submit their concepts or solutions for that theme. The following are the themes:-
  1. Innovate for Business – Create ground-breaking products, services, or a business model to upend the competitors in the target market.
  2. Innovate for Society – Utilize technology in innovative ways to enhance how we live and work and to add value to our society.
  3. Innovate for a Sustainable World – Create creative businesses to address some of the most biggest environmental challenges facing by the planet.
  • Teams must submit their creative concepts in a templated structure that corresponds to the type of team members they have—engineers, non-engineers, or students from business schools.
  • The registered students/teams from the round marked “Idea Submission” on this page can access the submission templates.
  • Teams must also submit a public link to a 1-minute video elevator pitch that summarises their idea, such as an unlisted YouTube video, a Google Drive link, a OneDrive link, etc.
  • The deadline for submissions is Sunday, September 25, 2022, at 11:59 p.m.
  • All competitors are urged to submit their unique ideas much in advance of the due date to avoid any last-minute snarls.
  • The top 9 teams are shortlisted and moved on to the next stage based on the submissions that were received and after evaluations, teams will be bifurcated into two tracks—The Entry-Level Graduates Track and B-School Track.

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2. Round 2: Mentorship 

  • The 9 shortlisted teams will work with their respective mentors to prepare their innovative submissions for the Semi-Finals.
  • Start Date & End Date of this round is 07 Oct 22, 12:00 PM IST & 20 Oct 22, 08:00 PM IST respectively.

3. Round 3: Semi Finale

  • The distinguished jury members and industry experts will virtually hear from the Semi-Finalist teams as they present their creative ideas and thorough solutions.
  • Top teams from the entry-level graduate and b- school tracks will be chosen and shortlisted to present in the coveted Grand Finale!
  • Start Date & End Date of this round is 20 Oct 22, 10:00 AM IST & 21 Oct 22, 08:00 PM IST respectively.

4. Round 4: Grand Finale

  • The Finalists will be given the opportunity to present the eminent jury members and business leaders with their creative solutions.
  • Start Date & End Date of this round is 09 Nov 22, 10:00 AM IST & 11 Nov 22, 05:00 PM IST respectively.

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Perks and rewards

  • There will be three winners chosen at a PAN-India level for the Entry-Level Graduates Track and the B-School Track, respectively.
  • The prize for the winning team is INR 1,00,000 per team member.
  • Reward for the First Runners-Up is INR 1,00,000 per team member.
  • The prize for the Second Runners-Up is INR 75,000 per team member.
  • Jury’s Choice Award Money is INR 25,000 per team member.
  • All eligible candidates who submit their creative ideas and meet the requirements of our recruitment procedure will be given the opportunity to participate in a fast-track interview.

How to apply?

To apply in Accenture Innovation Challenge 2022 CLICK HERE

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