7 Must-Learn Digital Skills for High School Students in 2023


In this blog, we will explore 7 Must-Learn Digital Skills to learn in your high school in 2023. The world is becoming increasingly digital, and the skills that are in demand are changing rapidly. High school students who want to be successful in the future need to learn the digital skills that will be essential for the jobs of tomorrow.

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7 Must-Learn Digital Skills for High School Students in 2023
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What is Digital Skills?

Digital skills are the ability to use digital technology, such as computers, tablets, and smartphones, to perform tasks and solve problems. They are essential for success in today’s world, as more and more aspects of our lives are becoming digitized.

Why are Important Digital Skills?

Digital skills are important because they are essential for success in today’s world. The world is becoming increasingly digital, and the skills that are in demand are changing rapidly. By learning digital skills, you can set yourself up for success in the future.

Here are some of the reasons why digital skills are important:

They are essential for communication and collaboration. Digital skills allow us to communicate and collaborate with people all over the world, regardless of their location. This is essential for businesses, as it allows them to reach a wider audience and collaborate with partners and suppliers. It is also essential for individuals, as it allows them to stay connected with friends and family and to learn new things.

They are essential for problem-solving. Digital skills allow us to access information and resources that can help us solve problems. For example, we can use digital tools to research solutions to a problem, to collaborate with others on a solution, or to create a presentation to communicate the solution to others.

They are essential for creativity and innovation. Digital skills allow us to express our creativity and to come up with new ideas. For example, we can use digital tools to create art, music, or videos. We can also use digital tools to develop new products or services.

They are essential for employment. Many jobs now require digital skills. For example, many businesses now use computers to manage their finances, to track inventory, and to communicate with customers. As a result, businesses are increasingly looking for employees with digital skills.

They are essential for lifelong learning. The world is constantly changing, and digital skills are no exception. As a result, it is important to stay up-to-date on the latest digital skills. This can be done by taking online courses, reading blogs and articles, or attending workshops.

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Here are 7 must-learn digital skills for high school students in 2023:

Social Media Marketing You Must-Learn Digital Skills

Social Media Marketing for Beginners: This course by Alison teaches the basics of social media marketing, including how to create and manage social media accounts, how to create engaging content, and how to measure the results of your campaigns.

Course Link Click Here

Video editing

Video Editing Basics is a 1.5-hour introductory course. The course focuses on different types of video editing, basic video editing principles, and editing tricks, followed by a learning tutorial on creating a video in Premiere Pro. This online course is followed by a quiz to assess progress and a certificate of completion. 

Do you want to advance your career in the Design Thinking field? Enroll in our best Design Thinking Courses today to advance your career through cutting-edge skills.

Course Link Click Here

Web Development


Module 1: Learn about programming languages and the tools that developers use to create software for web development.

Explore the concept of programming.

Understand what high-level and low-level programming languages are.

Learn about the basic elements of a program.

Learn about the software and tools used by professional developers.

Module 2: This module covers various concepts on the topic of accessibility and how to add it to your web applications during web development. You will learn the importance of using HTML tags properly to describe information and various improvements you can make to your sites.

Tools that users use to browse through webpages.

Tools that developers use to ensure accessibility.

Skills for ensuring that your pages are accessible.

Module 3: JavaScript is a programming language used for web development as well as the server. Learn about variables and the data types that populate them.

What variables and why use them?

When to use constants.

How storing your values as different types can create clarity in your code.

Module 4: Functions are the building blocks for any application you’ll create. With functions, you can create named, reusable sections of code to help make it more readable and maintainable. This module explores the core concepts of functions when used for web development to make HTML interactive.

How to write a basic function.

What parameters are and how to use them.

How to return values from a function.

How to use anonymous functions.

Module 5: JavaScript is a programming language used for web development as well as the server. Learn the syntax for controlling data flow in JavaScript and its significance when used with Boolean data types.

Review Booleans.

Learn about comparison operators.

Explore how if and else are used in JavaScript.

Discover how to form conditions and make decisions with logical operators.

Module 6: JavaScript is a programming language used for web development as well as the server. Learn how to manipulate and store data within JavaScript

Course Link Click Here

Digital Marketing

This free certification course by Google provides a 360-degree view of the digital marketing landscape. It helps learners explore important concepts and strategies through practical exercises and real-world examples. The 26 modules in this free digital marketing course will equip you with a variety of job-ready skills, such as business strategy, content marketing, email marketing display advertising, analytics, and data insights. The course is rated 4.5 (out of 5) on Shiksha Online and is best suited for beginners, business professionals, and anyone looking to hone their digital marketing skills

Course Link Click Here

Graphic Designing

This is one of the most popular graphic design courses on YouTube taught by designer Gareth David. And it’s free! Though aimed at beginners, no matter where you are in your graphic design journey, this course will be super helpful for you to get started as a graphic designer.

What You’ll Learn

You’ll begin the course by understanding what graphic design is. You’ll learn about visual elements like line, color, shape, texture, space, form, and typography, and design principles like contrast, hierarchy, alignment, balance, proximity, repetition, simplicity, and function.

Next, you’ll learn if you should do graphic design and why. You’ll know what practical skills, psychological skills, and talent you need to be a graphic designer, and how to begin as a graphic designer by learning and researching, collecting, being inspired, practicing, and seeking education.

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Then, you’ll take a look at the books to read and the education needed as a graphic designer, whether you need to go to university, the qualifications and equipment needed to be a graphic designer, and the programs needed as a graphic designer.

After that, you’ll learn about the graphic design portfolio, whether you should make a print or digital graphic design portfolio, the graphic design CV, career change to be a graphic designer, beginning as a graphic designer by applying your skills, and finding a graphic design job.

Finally, you’ll explore interview preparation to be a graphic designer, questions asked and to ask at a graphic design interview, interview tips to be a graphic designer, what the industry is like for a graphic designer, and how to further your graphic design career and the necessary education.

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Revolutionize your career in six months with the Advanced Executive Program in Cybersecurity & become an industry-ready professional. You will learn essential skills & competencies by pursuing this hands-on program In Collaboration with NPCI

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Data analysis and visualization

By the end of this course, learners are provided a high-level overview of data analysis and visualization tools, and are prepared to discuss best practices and develop an ensuing action plan that addresses key discoveries. It begins with common hurdles that obstruct the adoption of data.

What you’ll learn?

Identify stakeholders and key components imperative to an analytics project plan

Name strengths and weaknesses of different analysis and visualization tools

Visually identify, monitor, and remove process variation

Explain how to create a compelling data story

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