IIT Kanpur Project Postdoctoral Fellow Position: Earn to Rs. 70k, Apply by Sep 12, 2023


The Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur IIT Kanpur Project Postdoctoral Fellow Position: Earn to Rs. 70k, Apply by Sep 12, 2023 in the Department of Electrical Engineering. The position is open to candidates who have recently completed their Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering or a related field.

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IIT Kanpur Project Postdoctoral Fellow Position: Earn to Rs. 70k, Apply by Sep 12, 2023
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About the IIT Kanpur

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IIT Kanpur) is a public institute of technology located in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. It was declared an Institute of National Importance by the Government of India under the Institutes of Technology Act. IIT Kanpur is ranked among the most prestigious academic institutions in India.

The institution was established in 1959, as one of the first Indian Institutes of Technology, the institute was created with the assistance of a consortium of nine US research universities as part of the Kanpur Indo-American Programme (KIAP).

IIT Kanpur was established by an Act of Parliament in 1960 by the Government of India. The institute was started in December 1959 in a room in the canteen building of the Harcourt Butler Technological Institute at Agricultural Gardens in Kanpur. In 1963, the institute moved to its present location, on the Grand Trunk Road near Kalyanpur locality in Kanpur district. The campus was designed by Achyut Kavinde in a modernist style.

During the first ten years of its existence, a consortium of nine US universities (namely MIT, UCB, California Institute of Technology, Princeton University, Carnegie Institute of Technology, University of Michigan, Ohio State University, Case Institute of Technology and Purdue University) helped set up IIT Kanpur’s research laboratories and academic programs under the Kanpur Indo-American Programme (KIAP) The first director of the institute was P. K. Kelkar (after whom the Central Library was renamed in 2002).

Under the guidance of economist John Kenneth Galbraith, IIT Kanpur was the first institute in India to offer Computer science education. The earliest computer course was started at the institute in August 1963 on an IBM 1620 system. The initiative for computer education came from the Electrical Engineering Department, then under the chairmanship of Prof. H.K. Kesavan, who was concurrently the chairman of Electrical Engineering and head of the Computer Centre. Prof.

Harry Huskey of the University of California, Berkeley, who preceded Kesavan, helped with the computer activity at IIT-Kanpur. In 1971, the institute began an independent academic program in Computer Science and Engineering, leading to MTech and PhD degrees.

In 1972 the KIAP program ended, in part because of political tensions between India and Pakistan (as the USA supported Pakistan). Government funding was also reduced as a reaction to the sentiment that the IITs were contributing to the brain drain.

The institute’s annual technical festival, Techkriti, was first started in 1995.

About the Project Postdoctoral Fellow

The continuous ambient air quality monitoring stations (CAAQMS) that are used by government agencies to monitor the concentration levels of PM are expensive.

Low-cost sensors have emerged as a potentially cost-effective option for dense air pollution monitoring networks. However, they require in-field calibration to improve their precision and accuracy in comparison with CAAQMS. We use machine learning (ML) based regression techniques to calibrate the LCS readings.

Our recent publications involve domain adaptation for sensor calibration. (S. K. Jha, et al. (2021): Domain adaptation based deep calibration of low-cost PM2.5 sensors) applies simple fine-tuning-based domain adaptation techniques for calibration.

(K. Yadav, et al. “Few-shot calibration of low-cost air pollution (PM2. 5) sensors using meta-learning) applies model-agnostic meta-learning techniques for a few short domain adaptation-based calibrations.

About the Group/Team

This is a highly interdisciplinary project with team members from the Electrical, Civil, and Computer Engineering disciplines. The team has a high degree of specialization in air quality monitoring as well as machine learning/AI.

About our machine learning/AI work: The team, led by Prof. Tripathi and Prof. Arora, engages in cutting-edge research in all major areas of machine learning and AI. The team has a strong tradition of student-led research and provides a supportive and motivating environment to all its members.

About our air-quality monitoring work: The team has made impactful contributions at the national scale to address the challenges of Air Pollution and Climate Change. Under the leadership of Prof. Tripathi, the team has built ground-breaking innovative approaches for indigenously built sensor-based network technologies for nationwide urban air quality monitoring and Real-Time Source Apportionment (RTSA).

Recently, the group has been awarded the International Centre of Excellence on advanced pollution monitoring technologies recognized by the Office of the Principal Scientific Advisor to the Government of India.

This work will be carried out as a part of this Centre. RTSA work has been done in Delhi with support from CPCB and is currently being carried out with support from Swiss Development Corporation in the cities of Lucknow and Pune. The group has also established sensor networks in 5 cities (Jaipur, Chennai, Guwahati, Kanyakumari, and Delhi) with support from Ericsson.

Eligibility Criteria

To be IIT Kanpur eligible for a Project Postdoctoral Fellow position, candidates must have:

Ph.D. in Computer Science /Electrical Engineering or closely related fields with specialization in Machine Learning/ Artificial Intelligence.

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Role and Responsibility Of Project Postdoctoral Fellow

The IIT Kanpur Project Postdoctoral Fellow will be responsible for:

The candidate would be responsible for taking data generated by multiple sensors and regulatory grade equipment, and using data analysis and ML/AI techniques for calibration and to generate insights into the data such as outliers, trends, and latent correlations. The candidate will be involved in research on developing new machine learning models that can do the calibration efficiently.

Preferred Skill

Strong background in machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence with fluency in basic ML models such as regression, classification, and clustering.

Strong background in mathematics, especially probability theory and time series analysis

High ethical standards when performing data analysis and reporting results.

Willingness to work in an interdisciplinary setting and collaborate closely with team members from other fields, learn about new technologies used in those domains, and incorporate this domain knowledge to create more powerful machine learning models.

Fluency in Python coding and use of ML libraries such as numpy, scipy, and sklearn.

Prior experience with deep learning libraries such as Keras, and PyTorchortensor flow.

Significant background in handling and processing large data sets.

Impressive publication record in high-impact ML/AI conferences and/or journals.

Familiarity with advanced topics such as time series models (VAR, VARIMA, and deep learning variants such as LSTM, GRU, Transformers) and Gaussian processes will be a plus but is not essential.

Past background in interdisciplinary research and working with raw data e.g., from instruments or sensors will be a plus but is not essential.

Compensation & Benefits

Here are The Benefits Of IIT Kanpur Project Postdoctoral Fellow

The candidate will get the opportunity to work in a highly motivating and supportive environment. The candidate will be able to avail of hostel/family accommodation facilities at IIT Kanpur (according to availability). With regards to the medical facilities, only the OPD facility for self shall be available at the Health Centre of IIT Kanpur without any reimbursement of the cost of medicines. Any outside referral shall not be reimbursed. For this purpose, a medical booklet shall be provided to the candidate on request.

Duration of Appointment Of Project Postdoctoral Fellow

The post is purely temporary and is on a contractual basis.

The appointment for the post is up to two years. Appointment will be initially for one year. Renewal of appointment will be subject to the performance of the candidate.

Salary: Rs. 60,000/65,000/70,000 per month (as per experience)

Note: The departments reserve the right to fix suitable criteria for short listing of eligible candidates satisfying qualifications and experience. The selection will be based on interviews: online or in person. Short-listed candidates will be informed via email about the date of the interview. 

Interested candidates may apply via email (to [email protected]) giving full details of qualifications and experience in CV, along with two recommendation letters and copies of relevant certificates by September 12, 2023.

Please mention the post applied for and advertisement no. in the subject line of the email.

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How To Apply?

For more information about the IIT Kanpur Project Postdoctoral Fellow Position, please visit the IIT Kanpur website.

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