Awakening and Enlightenment Course- (Free Course)


What you’ll learn

  1. Module 1: Universal Love 1.1 Understanding the Universe 1.2 The Evolution of the Human Mind 1.3 The Expansion of All Things
  2. Module 2: Conscious sleep 2.1 Understanding sleep 2.2 Life after birth 2.3 Modern man and his environment
  3. Module 3: The Human Journey 3.1 The Whole Man 3.2: Relationship with Everything 3.3: Rebirth
  4. Module 4: Energy 4.1 Understanding Universal Energy 4.2 Exploring Light 4.3 Meditation
  5. Module 5: Awakening 5.1 Understanding Awakening 5.2 The Awakening Experience
  6. Module 6: The Path to Enlightenment 6.1 Vibration and Frequency 6.2 Attunement with the Creative Intelligence 6.3 Explanations of Enlightenment 6.4 Living in Peace

This course includes:

  • 1 hour video on demand
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access to cell phones and TV
  • Completion Certificate


“I found treasure in places I didn’t want to see. I heard wisdom in tongues I didn’t want to hear. I found beauty in places I didn’t want to see. And I learned a lot from journeys I didn’t want to take. Forgive me, merciful one; for I have closed my ears and eyes for too long. I have learned that miracles are only called miracles because they are often witnessed only by those who can see through the illusion of life. I want to see what is really on the other side , what is behind the curtain, and to taste all the bad fruit instead of all that looks good, soft, and ripe.”

  • Susie Kasem, Rise and Salute the Sun: Writing by Susie Kasem.


Join us on this incredible journey and discover a world full of wonders for yourself.

“Everyone wants a magical solution to their problems, but everyone refuses to believe in magic” – Lewis Carroll – Alice in Wonderland.

If you are curious to learn and understand what spiritual enlightenment and enlightenment is, then this is the course for you. If you want to flirt with a deep understanding of who you are then this is the course for you.

What do you get:

A deeper awareness of who you really are.

New love for the world.

Greater understanding of all that.

“Through this course I feel less alone in my rise

traveling. It gives me a deep and inner meaning too

cheers me up sometimes when i think i should go

Crazy.” -Natasha

How to Get this course FREE?

Note: The udemy Courses Will be free for a Maximum of 1000 Learners can use the promo code AND Get this course 100% Free. After that, you will get this course at a discounted price. (Still, It’s a good deal for you to get this course at a discounted price).

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