Healthy Home Cooking: Recipes and Techniques – (Free Course)


What you’ll learn

  • I’m going to guide you through a number of recipes that simplify essential cooking techniques, so you can learn them in real time!
  • Section 1: We’ll talk about essential kitchen Equipment and supplies. I’ll also walk you through basic knife skill techniques.
  • Section 2: Chicken Basics. You’ll learn how to break down a chicken and how to prepare an essential stock.
  • Section 3: Pasta. You’ll learn how to make fresh pasta and I’ll guide you through a recipe to make delicious butternut ravioli.
  • Section 4: Dough. You’ll learn to make an easy bread dough. Then, I’ll show you how to use it to create a delicious, cast Iron pizza.
  • Section 5: Pan Roasting. I’ll show you how to pan roast meat to perfection and side dishes to teach you what to serve them with.
  • Section 6: Roasting. In this section, we’ll look at roasting and how to enhance the flavor of root vegetables.
  • We’ll consider colorful presentation to make your meals more visually appealing. You’ll also learn to make a flavorful pesto.
  • Section 7: Simple Sauces. In this section, you’ll learn an easy recipe for a healthier Hollandaise Sauce and we’ll cook a delicious salmon fillet.
  • I’ll teach you about Blanching, an essential cooking technique that makes the most of young, fresh vegetables.
  • Next, we’ll learn how to customize a homemade mayonnaise to fit your dish. Lastly, I’’ll show how to make a wonderful blueberry compote to pair with pancakes.
  • Section 8: Playing with Texture. In this lesson, we’ll make the most of simple ingredients and get creative with texture.
  • Section 9: Tasty Midweek Meals. This section will run you through a few easy, delicious meals.. We’ll focus of getting maximum flavor with minimal effort!
  • Section 10: Dinner Party Idea. I’ll teach you how to Slow cook meat until tender and how to achieve a crispy pork crackling.
  • You’ll also learn to make easy, flavorful pickled vegetables!
  • Lastly, we’ll create a decadent chocolate ganache tart to satisfy your sweet tooth!


In this course, we’ll take a culinary journey that promises to enchant your taste buds and ignite your passion for all things delicious. This course is for you if you’ve ever felt intimidated by the idea of cooking more interesting, exciting dishes and experimenting with flavor and seasoning. You don’t need to be a professional chef to cook healthy delicious meals at home!

I believe that practice makes perfect, so I’m going to guide you through a number of recipes that simplify essential cooking techniques, so you can learn them in real time! The course consists of 20 recipes that I feel span the spectrum of food types from meats, to poultry and fish dishes- as well as vegetarian options and desserts. This course is designed for anyone from beginners to food enthusiasts! I’m available 7 days a week and I’m happy to answer any questions you have. So please don’t hesitate to message me directly if you need anything and I’ll do my best to respond to you as quickly as possible!


We’re going to embrace the power of simple, wholesome ingredients and show you how to transform them into extraordinary meals. From quick and easy weeknight wonders to show-stopping dishes that’ll impress your guests! Cooking delicious food doesn’t have to be complicated. I want you to enjoy the process! In this course, I’m going to take you through some basic techniques that you can apply to any recipe moving forward.

I chose these dishes for more than their incredible flavors and variety! These recipes give me an opportunity to show you how to manage a kitchen and work with a broad spectrum of kitchen utensils and measuring tools. This course isn’t just goin to show you how to create healthier, more exciting meals. By the time you’ve completed it, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to prepare delicious meals – From knife skills to deconstructing a chicken – this course prepares you to get creative and build your own recipes.

So, join me in this exploration of taste, aroma, and the sheer pleasure of cooking.

Let’s make every meal an occasion!

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for anyone, from beginners to food enthusiasts!
  • This course is for you if you’ve ever felt intimidated by the idea of cooking more interesting, exciting dishes and experimenting with flavor and seasoning.
  • You don’t need to be a professional chef to cook healthy, delicious meals at home!

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