Lightroom Classic CC: Master the Library & Develop Module – (Free Course)


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What you’ll learn

  • The importance of proper catalog settings in Lightroom
  • How to import and manage files effectively
  • The importance of metadata presets in streamlining workflow
  • The differences between RAW and JPEG file formats
  • The role of color space in digital photography
  • How to configure Lightroom based on personal preferences
  • The benefits of setting up identity plates and watermarks
  • How to organize and filter images in the Library module using keyword sets and collections
  • How to choose the most effective view in the Library module
  • How to make adjustments to images in the Develop module using snapshots, history panel, and loupe view
  • How to copy and paste adjustments between images
  • How to use histograms to make tonal adjustments
  • How to correct white balance and make tone curve adjustments
  • How to use HSL adjustments and split toning to create more dynamic images
  • How to make image transformations, such as cropping and rotating
  • How to apply these techniques to real-world situations to create professional-quality images.


This Lightroom Foundations course is designed to teach students the essential skills they need to use Adobe Lightroom effectively. In this course, students learn to work with catalog settings, import file handling, metadata presets, file formats, color space, RAW vs. JPEG, and much more. 

The course starts by introducing students to basic Lightroom configuration, including identity plate setup and watermarking. Students learn to customize the program to their preference while creating a more efficient workflow.

In the Library module, students learn to import images, create snapshots, filter and sort images using metadata, and organize their photos using keyword sets and collections. Students also learn about different views available in the library module, allowing them to choose the most effective way to navigate through their image library.

In the Develop module, students learn to make adjustments to their images. We explore different techniques, including using the history panel, making adjustments in loupe view, copying and pasting adjustments between images, and using histograms to make tonal adjustments. Students also learn red eye reduction techniques, advanced filters, white balance correction, tone curves, HSL adjustments, split toning, and image transformations.

Throughout the course, students have access to hands-on exercises, allowing them to apply their new knowledge and skills to real-world situations. Instructors provide personalized feedback on student work, helping them improve their techniques and problem-solving abilities.

At the end of the course, students will have developed a strong foundation in using Adobe Lightroom. They will be able to import, organize, and edit images effectively, creating professional-quality images for their clients or personal projects.

To succeed in this course, students should have basic computer skills and a familiarity with digital photography. They should also have access to Adobe Lightroom, either through a subscription or a trial version of the software.

Overall, the Lightroom Foundations course provides a comprehensive introduction to Adobe Lightroom. Students will learn the skills they need to organize and edit their images effectively, create stunning photos that meet their clients’ needs or personal preferences. With personalized feedback and hands-on exercises, students will be well-equipped to take their photography skills to the next level.


Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is new to digital photography and needs to learn how to use Lightroom to organize and edit their photos will benefit from this course. The foundational knowledge and hands-on exercises provided in the course will help them build confidence in their abilities.
  • Individuals who are already familiar with digital photography but want to take their skills to the next level will find this course valuable. They will learn new techniques and ways to streamline their workflow, allowing them to create more dynamic and professional-looking images.
  • Small business owners who need to create and manage a library of images for their website or marketing materials will benefit from this course. They will learn how to organize and edit images effectively, saving time and creating a more professional look for their brand.
  • Graphic designers who need to work with digital images regularly will benefit from this course. They will learn how to use Lightroom to streamline their workflow and make image adjustments quickly and easily, saving time and creating better designs.
  • Travellers who are interested in digital photography and want to learn how to use Lightroom to edit and organize their photos will benefit from this course. They will learn the foundational skills necessary to create stunning images of their travels and experiences, allowing them to share their memories with friends and family.

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