Bharati Vidyapeeth University 4 Free Webinars With Free Certificate


Hello Learner, this post is to inform you about that Bharati Vidyapeeth University and 7 other institute organised a free Webinar Online course on Different Topics. If you attend this Free Webinar course, then you will get a free certificate from this University.

About Courses –

  1. The Art of Managing Risk in 2022 dated 26-02-2022

There is a lot of negativity around us during this extended COVID-19
Pandemic Period and associated risks. World Economic Forum (WEF) in its
Global Risks Report 2022, has also highlighted the three important issues; a)
Social cohesion erosion, b) Livelihood crises, and c) Mental health
deterioration. These issues may become a great challenge for the mankind,
especially during the year 2022. The webinar aims to discuss the findings of
the report and related risks. The discussions will also facilitate to focus on
your own risk management, most management systems recommend for
annual review of your risks.


2.Machine Learning Algorithms and Behaviour of Data

Most of the traditional supervised learners assume their input data to be very gentle interms of similar underlying class distributions, balanced size of classes, the presence of a fullset of observed features in all data instances, etc. Data from real life, however, show upwith various forms of irregularities that are, very often, sufficient to confuse a classifier, thus
degrading its ability to learn from the data. This webinar will provide a bird’s eye view ofsuch data irregularities, beginning with a taxonomy and characterization of variousdistribution-based and feature-based irregularities. Subsequently, the webinar will alsodiscuss the notable and recent approaches that have been taken to make the existing shallow as well as deep learning classifiers robust against such irregularities. Finally, the webinar will unearth a number of interesting future research avenues that are equally contextual with respect to the regular as well as deep machine learning paradigms.

3. The Art of Drone Technologies

After the evolution of electronic components and BLDC (Brushless DC) motors, the usage of unmanned flying vehicles has increased enormously. Nowadays, the UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are used for various applications like surveying, delivering healthcare products, gathering important information from a natural or man-made disaster, wild animal monitoring, etc., The main advantage of UAVs is they don’t need a pilot on the craft to control it. With the support of modern technologies like the internet, camera, GPS location, and wireless communication technology the UAV can be controlled from thousands of miles away. The practicality of implementing drone technology in various fields (agriculture, army, geospatial survey, etc.,) has immensely increased and has opened various job opportunities for Indian graduate students and Engineers. In this webinar, the deliberation will be on all round perspective of Drone technologies like Drone types, H/W and S/W requirements, Micro-controllers, Electronics Speed Controllers, AI enabled drones and their related applications, including Research opportunities.

4. Deep and Shallow Learning dated 19-03-2022

This webinar will first introduce randomization-based neural networks. Subsequently, the origin of randomization-based neural networks will be presented. The popular instantiation of the feed forward model called random vector functional link neural network (RVFL) originated in the early1990s. Other randomized feed forward models that will be briefly mentioned are random weight neural networks (RWNN), extreme learning machines (ELM), stochastic configuration network (SCN), broad learning system (BLS), etc. Recently developed deep implementations of the RVFL will be presented in detail. The webinar will also include extensive benchmarking studies using tabular classification datasets.

Course Fee –

There is no course fee for attending this Free Course.

Certification –

A Course Participation Webinar certificate will be awarded to all students, who will attend this free webinar.

How to Apply?

For the Official Bharati Vidyapeeth Webinar Courses, Click HERE

For the Complete Information about the Program, Watch the Below YouTube Video.

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