IIT Madras Offers Free Computer Science Courses| No JEE Required


About IIT Madras

Indian Institute of Technology Madras(IIT Madras) is 1st ranked public technical university located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India which is established by govt of India.


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Tables of Content

About Free CourseS opportunity

Everyone knows that the content of IIT is of high quality, so now there is good news for everyone that you will get an opportunity to access this content free for some courses.

Eligibility Criteria

Through the free online computer science course program, any group or individual interested in enrolling can access major courses in the related topic.

What are the benefits of these courses?

  • The biggest benefit is that the IIT faculty is teaching.
  • The content taught in IIT can be accessed absolutely free without taking admission to IIT.

What are the available Free Courses?

The computer is often a very handy tool when solving complex technical problems in engineering and science…

The objective of the course is to introduce students to the foundations of computation. Objectives The objective of the…

This course is intended to understand the different components of a computer system, namely, digital hardware, the…

The course objectives include teaching the fundamentals of object-oriented concepts and programming with implementation…

This course provides foundations of the practical implementation and usage of advanced Algorithms and Data Structures…

The objectives are to teach students a understanding of some of the standard passes in a general purpose compiler and to…

Paradigm can also be termed as method to solve some problem or do some task. Programming paradigm is an approach to…

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