Top 5 Free Online Courses Android Development for Beginners In 2023


Top 5 online courses Android development beginners in 2023: The world of mobile app development is brimming with exciting opportunities, and Android, with its vast user base and open-source nature, stands as a prominent platform for aspiring developers. If you’re a beginner eager to delve into the realm of Android app creation.

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Top 5 Free Online Courses Android Development for Beginners In 2023

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Here are the top 5 free online courses Android development beginners in 2023:

1. Learn Android Application Development

Android accounts for approximately 85% of all devices sold today (2017 Q1). It only makes sense for you to be developing applications for the Android platform.

I will take you through the basics of Android Application development, and introduce some more complex features as well. This includes the following:

An extensive look at the Java programming language

Introduction to Android, installing Android Studio.

Create your first Android Application, learn to debug the application and learn how to create a signed APK that you can submit to the play store.

Working with implicit and explicit intents

A detailed example of how to work with Fragments

Learn some customizations like a custom ListView, Toast, TextView, and ActionBar

Learn how to save data to the phone in the form of SharedPreferences, Files, and SQLite

Learn how to implement Android 6 Permissions

Read data from an RSS feed and send SMSes programmatically

Learn how to save data online and do user management with Backendless (MBAAS)

By completing this course, you will have more than just basic knowledge of Android Application Development.

What you will learn?

Have a good overview of the Java programming language

Install Android Studio and set the environment

Debug an Android Application

Create a signed APK file to submit to the Google Play Store

Use Explicit and Implicit Intents

Make use of Fragments

Create a Custom List View

Create the Android Actionbar

Create a custom Toast

Use Shared Preferences, Files, and SQLite

Use the AsyncTask class

Handle Android 6 Permissions

Save data in an online database (MBAAS – Backendless) and do User management

Course Link Click Here

2. Become an Android Developer from Scratch

Do you want to build applications for the most popular operating system in the world?

Do you want the opportunity to put your apps on over 1 billion devices?

“Become An Android Developer From Scratch” is designed to be the best first step to launching your career as an Android Developer. Whether you’ve never programmed before or are coming to mobile development for the first time, if you’re truly inspired to learn Android Development, this is where you need to start.

This course has been in development for over two years, continuously perfected through research and testing in training bootcamps throughout the US. It represents a collaboration between a professional educator with over 20 years of experience in helping people learn and a professional mobile developer who has helped companies like Sony, Verizon, and nVidia build stunning mobile applications.

Starting with how the Java programming language works and progressing all the way to advanced Android concepts, you will get expertly produced instruction, visually descriptive explanations of deep concepts, and screencasts that talk you through not just the “how” but also the “why,” and code challenges to test yourself and mark your progress.

Here’s what students are saying:

“Very clean and well done. Covers everything that you need to know for getting started whether you know how to code starting out or not. If you are at a loss trying to start making Android apps this is the course for you.”

“I like this course, this would transform any normal person into a full-fledged android developer.”

“This one is, by far, the most comprehensive, easy-to-follow, and genuinely well-put-together one of the bunch.”

“Inspirational! – got me over the hump (complete Android beginner)”

Why it’s working…

One of the things we’re most excited to offer with this course is access to the inner workings of the mind of a professional mobile developer. Throughout the course you will be able to listen in as our Learning Scientist teases apart all the thoughts that run through a professional mobile developer’s mind as he’s writing the code you will learn to create. It’s like sitting down in a movie with the writer, director, and lead actor. But in this case, it’s all in support of your transformation from novice to professional.

You will build several applications throughout the course, and the starting point for each project (as well as solutions to each challenge) will be available for download. You will also get all the visuals and info-graphics used throughout the course for reference and study.

“Become An Android Developer From Scratch” will give you a new, richer perspective on how mobile devices work. After you’ve completed this rigorous, challenging, and super fun course, you will be able to create your own apps, deploy to the Google Play store, and even interview for a job anywhere in the world.

The real value…

The most important thing you will get from completing this course is the confidence to say “I’m an Android Developer!” You’ll be able to interact with other students and professionals in the Android community with pride and self-assuredness. You’ll also become an independent learner, able to discern where to go for information and how to continue advancing your skills.

No course is going to make you into an expert. It’s up to you to challenge yourself and find your path to making the apps you dream about. Become an Android Developer from Scratch is the best place to begin. Are you ready to get started?

What you will learn?

Create your own professional-quality Android apps

Deploy to the Google Play store

Interview for a job anywhere in the world

Course Link Click Here

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3. Android Application Development for Beginners

Android Application Development is one of the rising and growing trends in the mobile Industry of Mobile. This Course Examines the principles of mobile application design and covers the necessary concepts that are required to understand mobile-based applications and develop Android-based applications. After completing the course students will design and build a variety of real-time Apps using Android.

This course is designed to teach anyone how to make a new Android app from scratch. Learn all the basics of the platform and all the skills an Android app needs.

In this course, you will learn basic Android programming concepts and can build a variety of apps, using the Java programming language.

The aim of this course is to help the student to attain the following industry-identified competency through various teaching-learning experiences:

  1. Interpret features of the Android Operating System.

2. Configure the Android environment and development tools.

3. Develop rich user Interfaces by using layouts and controls.

4. Use user Interface components for Android Application Development.

5. Create an Android application using a database

6. Publish Android applications

This Online Course will Cover the following Chapters

  1. Android and its Tools
  2. Installation and Configuration of Android
  3. UI Components and Layouts
  4. Designing User Interface with View
  5. Activity and Multimedia Databases
  6. Security and Application Deployment

Introduction to Android

•Open software platform for mobile development

•A complete stack – OS, Middleware, Applications

•An Open Handset Alliance (OHA) project

•Powered by the Linux operating system

•Fast application development in Java

•Open source under the Apache 2 license

What you will learn?

Students wish to create applications for Mobile Devices

Course Link Click Here

4. Android for Beginners

This course is essentially for people who have prior experience working with Java and would like to expand their horizons to mobile app development.

Android is a strong platform for such people, and we will be providing you a good overview and understanding of the basic tools every Android programmer should be able to use.

As far as prerequisites are concerned, just be familiar with Java and Java-related terminology, and you’ll be good to go!

The course is broken into 4 sections – first, we’ll set you up, then we’ll put some content on your screen and save app data. After this, we’ll get an app-launching screen (Splash screen) set up, and we’ll teach you how to store and access data in your app. Finally, we’ll debug and export your app, making it ready for the Play Store!

This course should take less than 5 hours to complete, but if you really want to get something out of it, you might want to watch some of the videos over and over until you completely understand what’s going on.

What you will learn?

Use Android Studio in full functionality

Use an Android emulator

Debug, sign, and export an Android app

Develop apps with beginner-level tools in Android Studio

Course Link Click Here

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5. Android Development for Newbies (8+ Hours of Content)

There goes a Chinese proverb – “Tell me, I’ll forget. Show me, I’ll remember. Involve me, I’ll understand.”

The highest degree of learning takes place with your involvement. And this course is designed to do exactly that. This course introduces you to the basics of Android development. You will need some Java fundamentals to get started. If you are not sure about the difference between an abstract class and an interface you might have to refresh your Java concepts before proceeding.

Also, if you are new to Java I recommend John Purcell’s Java Course, in order to acquire the minimal Java programming skills required to step into Android development.

I’ve also got you some companion code which you can download from the appropriate lectures. You’ll be working on the source code along with me, so that you could get a good grasp on the concepts you will eventually be introduced to. At the end of this course, you’ll be able to write and deploy AWESOME!! apps to Google Play.

How is this course designed?

Comprehensive – Contains lessons and exercises that enable you to develop real-world Android applications.

Simple & Sequential – To keep complexity at bay, the course introduces you to independent concepts initially and then reveals more of the complex stuff.

Focused towards Results – This is the same course that we use internally at our mobile app startup, to train new talents.

Hands-on Sessions – I guide you through sessions building apps and writing code snippets clearly explaining every line of code.

Drills – Easy-to-moderate beginner-level exercises in which you get the opportunity to practice what you’ve learned and verify the same.

Elaborate Videos – Learn Android concepts in a thorough manner, I’ve made sure that all WHYs and HOWs you need to know are covered.

Since this course is for beginners, I highly recommend you take this course sequentially. You can pick on random videos, but remember – the complexity increases down the road so it is imperative that you take them one by one.

What makes me qualified?

  • Started out as an indie Android developer in 2009 and have programmed for Android since the Cupcake days (Android 1.5).
  • Developed more than 100 Android apps to date, including games and other apps that use the Android NDK.
  • Contributed open-source libraries for Android that improve developer productivity, notable ones are Android Saripaar, Simple Section Adapter, and Instant Adapter.
  • Bootstrapped a startup and currently have 9 developers working on Android and iOS.
  • Training people since 2005 😉

What are you waiting for? Gear up and let’s have some fun!!

What you will learn?

You will learn to develop and distribute Android apps

Course Link Click Here


 What are the top 5 free online courses Android development beginners in 2023?

The top 5 free online courses for Android development beginners in 2023 are
1. Learn Android Application Development
2. Become an Android Developer from Scratch
3. Android Application Development for Beginners
4. Android for Beginners
5. Android Development for Newbies (8+ Hours of Content)


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