Simply DIY Botox Facial aka Micro Infusion, Microtox Facial


Simply DIY Botox Facial aka Micro Infusion, Microtox Facial





How to DIY your own B®¥0x Facial, aka micro tox facial, micro infusion!!!!

Have you heard of these facials?

Botox facials give you a glowing glass skin within days. An almost airbrushed look. This microneedling treatment stimulates collagen production, reduces hyperpigmentation, reduces redness, controls oil production, helps with fine lines and wrinkles, plumps sallow and sunken skin, and give an all over more even skin tone. Last 4-8 weeks

These facial cost $600-$800 in a clinic or spa but at home cost $30-$60!!!!

Imagine adding this service, the income it would generate.

In this video I will show the products needed, set up, sterilization, Mixing Ratios, Face Mapping,  Correct Microneedling Direction, Correct Miconeeding Depth, after care, full tutorial my myself.   

Let me know what y’all think and if you have any questions

Full Certified Micro Needling Courses to come

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners, DIY, esthetician, beautician, entrepreneur, spa, home business

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