5 Best Free AI Online Courses by LinkedIn


Free Courses, Free AI Online Courses, LinkedIn – these keywords perfectly capture the essence of what today’s tech-savvy individuals seek. And guess what? LinkedIn, the professional networking giant, delivers exactly that! Are you eager to explore the exciting realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI) without shelling out a dime? Well, buckle up, because we’re diving into the 5 best free AI online courses offered by LinkedIn in 2024.

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5 Best Free AI Online Courses by LinkedIn

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Here 5 best free AI online courses offered by LinkedIn in 2024.

1. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

It will be essential for your professional and personal knowledge base, regardless of the role and title you possess, to be knowledgeable about AI. Project managers, product managers, directors, executives, and students wishing to enter the tech sector are the target audience for this introduction to AI course.

It will provide you a broad introduction to artificial intelligence (AI), go over the instruments that are employed, and then go into the specific algorithms and methods that are utilised in deep learning, machine learning, and artificial neural networks.

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2. Generative AI

I think it’s a course that should be taken in the new year by everyone and their dog. For good reason, generative AI is all the rage these days. It has to do with how our future is shaped, and I urge you to find out exactly what that means.

It’s influencing every sector, including real estate, healthcare, and marketing. Naturally, generative AI will have an impact on all of us, but it’s better to join the trend than to lag behind. You will discover how to make your own content, how generative AI operates, and its ethical ramifications in this course.

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We no longer rely on search engines like Google to provide us with the answers to our questions. However, these days, we have chatbots like ChatGPT that allow us to hold discussions that actually aid in our quest for a solution.

However, mastering the use of generative AI is a skill in and of itself, and this is precisely what this course seeks to impart to you. Discover the wonders of language, tone, prompt engineering, and more.

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4. Streamlining Your Work with Copilot

A lot has been said about ChatGPT. However, have you truly utilized Bing Chat on Microsoft to its maximum potential? If not, you should take this course.

You will learn about Bing Chat in this course, and how it can help you to accomplish several tasks and optimize your workflow as a whole. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? Bing Chat might be the solution for the many people searching for ways to increase their productivity in the new year.

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5. Ethics in the Age of Generative AI

There’s no escaping it; we’re all considering it, and some of us are talking about it a lot. The morality of artificial intelligence. It’s a hot topic, and it seems sense that people would be worried about AI systems being used in our daily lives.

Many people’s concerns will be allayed by learning about the potential applications of generative AI, as well as its constraints and the steps businesses and the government are considering and putting in place. While generative AI is still in its infancy as a market, come along on the voyage to discover what the future holds.

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What are the best free AI online courses on LinkedIn?

Choosing the “best” depends on your current knowledge and goals. Here are some popular options:
For beginners: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and The Fundamentals of Machine Learning provide a solid foundation.
For coding enthusiasts: Introduction to Python for Data Science equips you with essential programming skills.
For language lovers: Natural Language Processing (NLP) Foundations explores how machines understand human language.
For deep learning aficionados: Introduction to Deep Learning delves into the intricacies of neural networks.
For career-focused individuals: Building a Personal Brand with Social Media helps leverage AI-powered platforms for professional networking.

Are these courses truly free?

Yes! With a free basic LinkedIn account, you can access these courses and learn at your own pace. No hidden fees or subscriptions involved.

What skills will I gain from these Free AI Online courses?

Depending on the course, you’ll acquire foundational knowledge in AI concepts, machine learning algorithms, NLP techniques, deep learning structures, Python programming, and valuable social media strategies.


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