CBI Offer Free Internships in Cybersecurity | Stipend Rs.8k, Apply by 31 Jan


Are you passionate about cybersecurity and looking to gain valuable hands-on experience in the field? If so, then we have exciting news for you! The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is offering a fantastic opportunity for free internships in cybersecurity to highly motivated and talented individuals.

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CBI Offer Free Internships in Cybersecurity | Stipend Rs.8k, Apply by 31 Jan

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About the Cybersecurity

The Bureau of Police Research & Development (BPR&D) was established in 1970 to assist the Central Government in coordinating the efforts in the field of Police training and research. The Bureau undertakes systematic studies of Police and Prison problems and is responsible for promoting the application of science and technology to police work, improving and developing training programmes for the Police Forces at Centre and States and also for prison personnel of different ranks. The BPR&D advises the Ministry of Home Affairs on Police and Prison matters on technical and operational aspects. It also advises the Central Government in matters of development and modernization of Police Forces. The Bureau has the following Divisions:

1. Research & Correctional Administration

2. Training

3. Modernization & Technology Development

4. National Police Mission

5. Statistical & Publication

6. Administration

The BPR&D had started its Internship Programme from 2017 for giving an opportunity to students of various Universities/Research Institutes to learn about the BPR&D programmes and activities and to effectively contribute in advancing the programmes and activities of the BPR&D to fulfil the mandate,

Eligibility Criteria Of Free Internships

The eligibility criteria for the internship are as follows:

3.1. Students pursuing PG/M.Phil./Ph.D. in the following subjects are eligible to apply:

1) Criminology

2) Sociology

3) Social Work

4) Psychology

5) Law

6) Forensic Psychology

7) Human Rights

8) Public Administration

9) Public Policy & Governance

10) Information Technology

11) Police & Prison Studies

12) Cyber Security

13) Cyber Forensics & Information Security

14) Police & Prison Administration

15) Computer Science

16) Management

17) Any other subjects related to police or prisons/correctional administration issues.

Applications must be forwarded by the Head of Department of their University. Applications which are not forwarded through the respective Head of the Department of the University will be rejected.

Students who have attended the Internship Programme in the BPR&D earlier are not eligible to apply again.

Period Of Internship

The BPR&D conducts 2 types of internships.

The internship for 30 days in a calendar month. The total number of working days should not be less than 22 days.

Internship for 2 months. The total number of working days. should not be less than 44 days.

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Schedule of Free Internship

The schedule for the Internship will be as follows:

4.1. Introductory Session- The interns will be introduced to the DG, BPR&D, ADG, BPR&D and the Director of all the Divisions.

4.2. Assigning of Tasks. The interns will be assigned tasks by the respective Divisions to which they will be attached.

4.3. Assigning of Projects- The interns will be assigned projects on police or correctional administration-related issues by the respective Divisions in which they will be attached.

4.4. Field Visits-The interns will be sent for field visits to get exposure and firsthand experience of the work done by police and prison administration to:

a) Correctional Homes

b) Police Stations

c) Juvenile Homes (optional)

d) Any other place relevant to police/prison administration


4.5. Internship Report- The interns are required to submit a report on the tasks completed by them along with a report on field visits to the Nodal Officer for Intern in each Division, which will in turn be put up to the Director.

4.6. Valediction- On the last day of the Internship programme there will be a valediction ceremony.

Application Process Of Cybersecurity

The BPR&D will seek applications for internship programmes on its website. The Interns are required to apply within the last date for submission of application by post/email at the designated address notified in the advertisement. The application form is enclosed in Annexure 1. The Undertaking Form is enclosed at Annexure II.

8.2. The application forms are required to be filled out properly and completely. Incomplete applications are liable to be rejected. The applications should be duly signed and sealed by the Head of the Department (HOD)/University. Applications submitted otherwise will be rejected.

8.3. Applications without attested copies of mark sheets are liable to be rejected.

8.4. The BPR&D will constitute a Selection Committee for the Internship. The Selection Committee will comprise the following members:

a) IG/Director (Research & Correctional Administration) Chairperson

b) DIG/Dy, Director (Research & Correctional Administration) – Member

c) Research Assistant (Research & Correctional Administration) – Member

8.5. The Selection Committee will examine the applications received by the BPR&D along with the following parameters:

a) Whether applications have been received with a date of 7/13

b) Whether applications have been properly and filled.

c) Whether applications have been forwarded by the Head of the Department/University

d) Whether applicants have fulfilled the eligibility criteria as indicated at point 3 in the SOP

e) Whether all the requisite documents/mark sheets have been submitted with the application.

8.6. The Selection Committee will submit the list of selected candidates for consideration and approval of the DG, BPR&D. The final selection of applicants is subject to the approval of DG, BPR&D.

8.7. The Final List of the selected Interns will be notified on the BPR&D website


Facilities for interns:

6.1. The Interns will be given BPR&D’s reading

6.2 Materials/publications 6.2. BPR&D Library facilities will be provided.

6.3. A computer with internet and printing facilities will be provided.

Deadline date

The last date for receipt of the application is 31/01/2024.


The selected Interns from outside Delhi will be allowed Sleeper Class train fare to New Delhi and back to their place of study through the shortest route. All selected interns will be paid an amount of Rs.8,000/- (Rupees Eight Thousand only) as a stipend for a calendar month.

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How To Apply?

If you are an Interested Candidate You can apply For the CBI Offer Free Internships in Cybersecurity Click Here

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