UPGRAD Offering 10 Generative AI Free Courses With Free Certificate


upGrad is offering 10 free courses on Generative AI with free certification. These courses are designed in collaboration with leading industry experts to help learners develop strong fundamentals and stay ahead of the curve. The courses cover topics such as Introduction to Generative AI, Generative AI Fundamentals, and Introduction to Image Generation. The courses are self-paced and can be completed in a few hours. Learners will have access to cutting-edge content, a live discussion forum, and a certificate on successful completion of the course, free of cost

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About the UPGRAD

upGrad is India’s largest online higher education platform that provides high-quality, industry-relevant programs in the fields of data science, technology, management, and law, to students, working professionals, and enterprises. Founded in 2015, upGrad has partnered with some of the world’s top universities, including IITs, MIT, and Columbia University, to offer a wide range of courses and programs that are designed to meet the needs of learners in today’s dynamic and demanding job market.

What is UPGRAD Free Courses?

Free Courses are a unique ecosystem within upGrad to help you stay ahead of the curve and experience a part of upGrad’s learning experience free of cost. You can choose courses from Business Basics, Data Science, Marketing, Machine Learning & Technology and build your foundational knowledge over a couple of hours. You will have access to Cutting Edge Content that is entirely Self-Paced, a Live Discussion Forum to ask your questions and to interact with others in your class, and a Certificate on successful completion of the course, free of cost.

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10 Generative AI Free Courses: A Path to Expertise

1.Fundamentals of Deep Learning of Neural Networks (28 hrs)

In this beginner-friendly course, you will learn about the most sophisticated and cutting-edge models in machine learning – Artificial Neural Networks or ANNs. You will be introduced to the basics of Neural Networks and various concepts related to Deep Neural Networks.

2. How ChatGPT Understands You: Introduction to Natural Language Processing (11 hrs)

This course on Artificial Intelligence will help in taking your first step towards learning the interactions between human language and computers i.e., NLP. The course covers the basics of NLP, and other topics such as RegEx for building tools for Spell Correction, Phonetic Hashing, and Spam Detection.

3. Artificial Intelligence in the Real World (7 hrs)

This Artificial Intelligence free course will help you learn about the applications of AI in the service and non-service industries. You will also be able to leverage this knowledge to understand and appreciate the role of AI in different industries.

4.ChatGPT for Developers (2 hrs)

Developers harness the power of ChatGPT! Improve your productivity by making ChatGPT your personal coding assistant. Automate repetitive tasks like testing, other maintenance tasks and learn how to use ChatGPT APIs.

5. Advanced Prompt Engineering with ChatGPT (2 hrs)

Ever wondered how AI-powered chatbots understand and respond to your questions? Join our course on Advanced Prompt Engineering with ChatGPT to craft effective prompts that enable ChatGPT to provide accurate and helpful responses. Discover the art of optimizing prompts, mastering conversational flow, and empowering ChatGPT to engage in meaningful and natural conversations, opening doors to enhanced customer support, virtual assistants, and more.

6. Introduction to Generative AI (2 hrs)

What is Generative AI? Why has it recently become a buzzword? Dive deeper into the Generative AI landscape, its evolution over the years, its potential impact on industries, jobs, use cases, and the skills you need to develop to succeed in the Generative AI era.

7.ChatGPT for Digital Marketing (1.5 hrs)

Leverage the power of ChatGPT in digital marketing and enhance your work output! Explore the use of ChatGPT across website creation, social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, search engine marketing, and more.

8. Introduction to Modern Public Relations (30 mins)

In this course, you will learn what is Modern PR and how is it different from traditional PR. You will also learn the various steps involved in creating a successful PR strategy along with the different skill sets required to be a successful PR professional in today’s digital world.

9. Constitutional Litigation (4hrs)

This course will provide details on constitutional litigation, why is it important, and the various elements of constitutional litigation. You’ll also get insights on how to build a career in constitutional law.

10.How to be a Successful Business Analyst (1hr)

In this course, you’ll get insights on how to be a successful business analyst. You will learn the different responsibilities of a business analyst, the various skills needed, how to prepare for a business analyst interview, and many more.

Empowering Learners with Free Certificates

Upon successful completion of each Generative AI free course, learners will receive a verified certificate, validating their newfound knowledge and skills. These certificates serve as valuable credentials, showcasing learners’ expertise in Generative AI to potential employers and enhancing their professional prospects.

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How To Apply?

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upGrad’s initiative of offering 10 Generative AI free courses with free certificates is a testament to its dedication to empowering learners and democratizing access to cutting-edge technology education. These courses serve as a gateway for individuals seeking to explore the transformative potential of Generative AI and equip themselves with the skills to thrive in the future of work. With its commitment to quality education, upGrad is paving the way for a generation of Generative AI experts, ready to shape the future of technology and innovation.


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