Top 9 Best Youtube Channels to Learn MS Excel


MS Excel is not just a sheet with a table but it is a very big application. I don’t think anyone can use Excel’s every formula and even knows every formula and function. But people use based on their requirements with the help of the Internet. If you want to learn Excel and that too for free, then I will tell you some YouTube channels from where you can learn Excel for free, that too from Benigner to Advanced, so let’s start

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1. Excel Campus – Jon Acampora

Excel Campus has been around since 2010 and has earned over 38 million views on its videos. The creator, Jon Acampora, has created over 271 video tutorials on Excel for beginner and advanced users.

The best part about this channel is the detailed tutorials on important Excel functions such as INDEX MATCH and VLOOKUP. Jon makes advanced topics easily digestible for beginners.

He also makes videos about useful hacks such as removing blank spaces, removing indentations, and counting unique rows.

2. Mike “excelisfun” Girvin

ExcelIsFun has over 3000 videos and has been teaching people basic and advanced Excel topics since 2008. They offer a completely free course on the basics of Excel on their YouTube channel.

It will teach you all the basics you need to know to get the most out of Excel for most situations. The free course will teach you Formatting, basic formulas for data manipulation, how to use PivotTable, keyboard shortcuts, and much more.

Once you go through the easy tutorial videos in the free course, you can learn advanced Excel features in ExcelIsFun’s free advanced Excel course that will teach you Data Validation, Date Formulas, Conditionals, Array Formulas, Data Analysis Fundamentals, and much more.

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Learn a new Excel tip every weekday from MrExcel. You’re a one-stop for Microsoft Excel solutions! Microsoft Excel Tips & Solutions from MrExcel and the best topics from these videos are compiled in my book, Learn Excel 2007-2010 from MrExcel.

4. Leila Gharani

Leila Gharani’s channel is about a lot more than just Excel. She will teach you practical ways you can use Excel in both your personal and professional life. She makes difficult topics such as forecasting easy to understand for beginners.

Her style of teaching is very unique. She teaches you Excel by teaching you practical ways to use it. For example, in her latest video, she teaches you how to read and analyze balance sheets using Excel.

She also makes videos about Excel tips such as calculating percentile, keyboard shortcuts, creating a drop-down list, and formatting.

She also makes videos about other Microsoft Office tools such as Powerpoint and Power BI.

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5. Teach Excel Ltd

Excel help and tutorial videos. We walk you through all of the steps required to do simple tasks in excel up to more complicated tasks and concepts. Topics include Graphs, Formatting, Worksheet Security, Macros Guides, Formulas, etc.

6. PK: An Excel Expert

Welcome to my youtube channel. I upload Videos from Beginner to Advance for Excel and VBA regularly.

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7. My Online Training Hub

At My Online Training Hub (, we love Excel, and our channel is all about sharing the Excel knowledge we’ve built up over 20 years, so you can become more efficient and move up the career ladder. And for those who really want to skyrocket their Excel skills we send out a weekly Excel newsletter containing a step-by-step tutorial.

8. Excel For Freelancers

This channel is dedicated to helping Excel Freelancers reach their dreams of financial independence with the ultimate in tricks & tips videos that teach them how to design, create and market Excel-based software and sell it forever.

9. Learn Excel From Chandoo

At, I have one goal, ‘to make you awesome in excel and charting’. On our Youtube channel, catch videos, tips & awesome Excel tutorials.

So these were some youtube channels from which you can learn excel.

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