Top 10 Free Best Online Courses Students Must Check


If you also want to do online courses like finance and accounting, business strategy, startup, negotiation, marketing, and project management for free, then this post is for you, so let’s start and see what will be taught to you in this course.

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1. Introduction to Finance and Accounting Specialization

This specialization introduces corporate finance and accounting and emphasizes its application to a variety of real-world situations involving personal finance, corporate decision-making, financial intermediation, and the impact of accounting standards and management incentives on the financial reporting process.
It starts with concepts and applications such as the time value of money, risk/return exchanges, retirement planning, mortgage financing, car rentals, asset valuation, and many more. Specializations use Excel to make the experience more hands-on and to help students understand concepts more directly. The course provides a solid foundation in corporate finance from evaluating claims and funding decisions to elements of basic financial modeling.


  • Discount and combine any cash flow stream to evaluate various claims and make better financial decisions.
  • Difference Between NPV and Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
  • Classification of cash flows into operating, investing, and financing activities
  • How companies account for investments in debt and equity securities

2. Competitive Strategy

In this six-module course, you will study how companies and organizations behave in situations where strategic decisions are interdependent, i.e. when my actions affect my competitor’s advantage and vice versa. Using the basic tools of game theory, we will analyze how companies choose strategies to gain competitive advantage.

This course is also available in Chinese. Please visit our course catalog to access the Chinese version of Competitive Strategy.


  • Strategic Management
  • Game Theory
  • Competition (economy)
  • Strategic Thinking

3. Foundations of Business Strategy

Develop your strategic thinking skills, analyze the competitive environment and recommend company positioning and value creation. In this course, developed at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business, upper-level faculty will help you explore the underlying theories and frameworks that form the foundation of successful business strategy and provide you with the tools you need to understand these strategies: SWOT, competitors, environment, analysis of the five strengths and capabilities, and a strategy map.


  • How to use SWOT, a competitive and environmental analysis tool
  • How to assess the structure of the industry and how the dynamics of industry competition affect profitability
  • How to conduct a capability analysis and how to use the analysis to guide decision making
  • How to analyze the pros and cons of four common competitive positions

4. Startup Entrepreneurship Specialization

The Startup Entrepreneurship specialization focuses on the topics of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship. It guides students through the entire process of creating a startup from an idea.

The first part is all about ideas and creative imagination: discovering new ideas, new products, new services, and new and better ways to do almost anything.

The second part focuses on building a business (entrepreneurship). This course guides students through a set of tools and methods that will help implement ideas in ways that can support businesses or organizations to convey them to humanity. Use this course to build a solid business or organization based on the ideas you developed in Part One.

Part Three offers lessons in innovation careers from proven masters. During this course, you will follow conversations and interviews with Dadi Perlmutter, who until recently served as Executive Vice President of Intel Corporate, a senior executive of Israeli multinational corporations.

5. Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills

We all negotiate every day. On a personal level, we negotiate with friends, family, landlords, car dealers, and employers, among others. Negotiation is also the key to business success. No business can survive without lucrative contracts. In companies, negotiating skills can lead you to career advancement.

I hope you join the hundreds of thousands of students who have made Winning Negotiations one of the most popular and top-rated MOOCs in the world. In this course you will learn and practice the four steps to successful negotiations:

(1) Prepare: Plan your negotiation strategy

(2) Negotiation: Use key tactics for success

(3) Closing: closing the contract

(4) Implementation and Evaluation: Endgame


  • Strategic Negotiations
  • Communication
  • Negotiation
  • Decision Tree

6. Essentials of Corporate Finance Specialization

You will gain a solid understanding of corporate finance, including accounting principles and financial analysis, creating value from global markets, the choices companies face when making financial decisions, and determining a risk appetite. The specialization ends with a capstone project where you can apply the skills you have learned in the course.


  • A Financial Analysis
  • Company Finance
  • Financial Relationship
  • Balance
  • Ratio Analysis

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7. Marketing in a Digital World

This course examines how new digital tools such as the internet, smartphones, and 3D printing are revolutionizing the world of marketing and changing the roles and practices of businesses and consumers. Marketing in a Digital World is one of the most popular courses on Coursera with over 500,000 students and rated by Class Center


  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Marketing Mix
  • Product Strategy

8. Introduction to Marketing

Taught by three of Wharton’s top faculty in the marketing department, consistently ranked as the world’s top marketing department, this course covers three core customer engagement topics: branding, customer centricity, and practical go-to-market strategies.

You will learn the most important principles in

  • Branding: Brand equity is one of the key elements of customer retention in a dynamic world where new startups are constantly popping up.
  • Customer centricity: Not synonymous with customer service, customer centricity starts with focusing on customers and gathering needs.
  • Go-to-Market Strategy: Understand the drivers that influence customers and see how they perform before investing.


  • Positioning (marketing)
  • Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Customer Satisfaction

9. Google Project Management

Prepare for a new career in the fast-growing field of project management without the necessary experience or degree. Get professional training developed by Google and quickly find a competitive paying job. There are 479,000 project management job openings in the US with an average starting salary of $73,000.¹

Project managers are natural problem solvers. They set plans and lead their teammates and manage change, risk and stakeholders.

Gain in-demand skills that will prepare you for a career. Learn from Googlers whose project management fundamentals served as the launching pad for their own careers.

What’s Skills You Will Learn

  • Career Development
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Change Management
  • Project Management
  • Advocacy Group Administration
  • Business Correspondence
  • Project Charter
  • Planned Project
  • Risk Management
  • Order Evaluation
  • Delivery
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