PM Modi Leads Rozgar Mela, Distributes 1 Lakh Appointment Letters in Government Jobs


In a move that could bring cheer to thousands of households across India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today presided over a nationwide Rozgar Mela, distributing a whopping 1 lakh appointment letters to newly recruited individuals in government jobs. The massive event, held simultaneously across 47 locations, marks a significant step towards fulfilling the government’s promise of boosting employment opportunities and empowering the youth.

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PM Modi Leads Rozgar Mela, Distributes 1 Lakh Appointment Letters in Government Jobs

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What is Rozgar Mela?

The Rozgar Mela is an employment strategy initiated by the Government of India to facilitate the hiring of job seekers by private and public sector companies. It functions as a large-scale job fair where employers and potential candidates come together to explore opportunities and potentially secure employment.

About the News

On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that in the ten years of his administration, jobs have been created 1.5 times more than they were during the previous administration.

During a Rozgar Mela program, Prime Minister Modi used a video conference to hand away employment letters for government positions to over a lakh young people. He criticized the previous government for taking an abnormally long time to finish recruiting processes and said that this encouraged bribery.

According to the prime minister, his administration has increased openness and is making efforts to guarantee that hiring is completed within a set amount of time.

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According to him, young people nowadays think that, with enough effort and skill, they can all succeed in the political system and find a place for themselves.
The prime minister claimed that his government’s initiatives, like as the plan to install rooftop solar electricity in one crore houses or the significant infrastructure investment, had generated a great deal of job prospects.

India is the third largest ecosystem in the industry with over 1.25 lakh start-ups, and young people are starting new businesses in even minor cities, he added, adding that this is producing thousands of jobs.

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According to PM Modi, the government has announced a fund of ₹ 1 lakh crore for research and innovation and has extended tax exemptions to startups.


What was unique about this specific Rozgar Mela?

This mega event focused on government job appointments, distributing a significant 1 lakh appointment letters across 47 locations nationwide.

Which sectors offered these government jobs?

Details vary, but reports suggest positions spanned various ministries and departments, including Revenue, Home Affairs, Higher Education, Atomic Energy, Railways, Health & Family Welfare, Tribal Affairs, and Financial Services.

Who were the beneficiaries of these appointments?

Information on specific demographics is limited, but the aim was to cater to diverse backgrounds and regions across India.

What impact could this have on the Indian economy?

By injecting 1 lakh new positions into the government sector, the event aims to boost employment, stimulate economic activity, and empower individuals and families.

Are there more Rozgar Melas planned?

Yes! The government regularly organizes Rozgar Melas across the country, focusing on both public and private sector opportunities. Stay tuned to official websites and job portals for upcoming events.


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