IIRS & ISRO Free Certification Course | Govt Certified Course In 2023 | Apply Now| Limited Seats


Hello friends! If you are searching for any govt certified course In 2023 then we have an update for you as IIRS & ISRO Free Certification Course is launched so stay with us till the end of the post to know more about this course.

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IIRS & ISRO Free Certification Course | Govt Certified Course In 2023 | Apply Now| Limited Seats
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About the ISRO

The Indian Space Research Organisation, commonly referred to as ISRO, is the national space agency of India. It operates as the primary research and development arm of the Department of Space (DoS), which is directly overseen by the Prime Minister of India, while the Chairman of ISRO also acts as the executive of DoS.

ISRO is primarily responsible for performing tasks related to space-based operations, space exploration, international space cooperation, and the development of related technologies. It is one of the six government space agencies in the world which possess full launch capabilities, deploy cryogenic engines, launch extraterrestrial missions, and operate a large fleet of artificial satellites.

ISRO was previously the Indian National Committee for Space Research (INCOSPAR), set up under Jawaharlal Nehru in 1962 recognizing the need for space research. INCOSPAR grew and became ISRO in 1969, within the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE). In 1972, the government of India set up a Space Commission and the DoS, bringing ISRO under it. The establishment of ISRO thus institutionalized space research activities in India. It has since been managed by DoS, which also governs various other institutions in India in the domain of astronomy and space technology.

ISRO built India’s first satellite, Aryabhata, which was launched by the Soviet space agency Interkosmos in 1975. In 1980, ISRO launched satellite RS-1 onboard SLV-3, making India the seventh country to be capable of undertaking orbital launches. SLV-3 was followed by ASLV, which was subsequently succeeded by the development of many medium-lift launch vehicles, rocket engines, satellite systems, and networks enabling the agency to launch hundreds of domestic and foreign satellites and various deep space missions for space exploration.

ISRO has the world’s largest constellation of remote-sensing satellites and operates the GAGAN and IRNSS (NavIC) satellite navigation systems. It has sent three missions to the Moon and one to Mars.

ISRO’s goals in the near future include expanding the satellite fleet, landing a rover on the Moon, sending humans into space, developing a semi-cryogenic engine, sending more uncrewed missions to the Moon, Mars, Venus, and the Sun, and the deployment of more space telescopes in orbit to observe cosmic phenomena and outer space beyond the Solar System. ISRO’s long-term plans include the development of reusable launchers, heavy and super heavy-lift launch vehicles, deploying a space station, sending exploration missions to the planets like Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, and Asteroids, and crewed missions to the Moon and the planets.

ISRO’s programs have played a significant role in the socio-economic development of India and have supported both civilian and military domains in various aspects including disaster management, telemedicine, and navigation and reconnaissance missions. ISRO’s spin-off technologies also have founded many crucial innovations for India’s engineering and medical industries.

About the IIRS & ISRO Free Certification Course

Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS), a unit under the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Department of Space, Government of India is a premier Training and Educational Institute set up for developing trained professionals in the field of Remote Sensing, Geoinformatics, and GNSS Technology for Natural Resources, Environmental, and Disaster Management. Formerly known as Indian Photo-interpretation Institute (IPI), founded in 1966, the Institute boasts to be the first of its kind in the entire South-East Asia.

While nurturing its primary endeavor to build capacity among the user community by training mid-career professionals, the Institute has enhanced its capability and evolved many training and education programs that are tuned to meet the requirements of various target user groups in society, ranging from fresh graduates to policymakers including academia.

The training and education programs at IIRS include the short duration customized courses, PG Diploma, and Master’s Degrees (M.Tech and M.Sc.) in various disciplines. IIRS also conducts distance-learning programs under IIRS Outreach Activity

IIRS Outreach Programme Of IIRS & ISRO Free Certification Course

IIRS Outreach Programme focuses on strengthening the Academia and User Segments in Space Technology & Its Applications using Online Learning Platforms. IIRS distance learning program was initiated in 2007 with the participation of twelve universities in India. To date, IIRS has successfully conducted 101 programs through live and interactive classrooms (also known as the EDUSAT program) and also launched five online courses under the e-learning program.

About the IIRS and Details

IIRS announces the following courses commencing from August 28, 2023. The participants can register for either comprehensive courses or individual modules (only three) of their choice.

Comprehensive Course:

Basics of Remote Sensing, GIS, and GNSS (August 28- November 17, 2023): Comprehensive course
consisting of the above five courses.

Registration Start Date: 07 August 2023
Registration End Date: 25 August 2023

Remote Sensing and Digital Image Analysis (28-08-2023- 22-09-2023): Basic Principles of RemoteSensing, Earth Observation Sensors, and Platforms, Spectral Signature of different land cover features, Image interpretation, Thermal & Microwave Remote Sensing, Digital Image Processing: Basic Concepts of Rectification and Registration, Enhancement, Classification, and accuracy
assessment techniques.

Registration Start Date: 07 August 2023
Registration End Date: 25 August 2023

Global Navigation Satellite System (25/09/23 – 06/10/2023): Introduction to GPS and GNSS, receivers, processing methods, errors, and accuracy,

Registration Start Date: 04 September 2023
Registration End Date: 22 September 2023

Geographical Information System (09/10/2023 to 27/10/2023): GIS, databases, topology, spatial
analysis and open-source

Registration Start Date: 18 September 2023
Registration End Date: 06 October 2023

Basics of Geocomputation and Geoweb Services (30/10/2023 to 03/11/2023): Geocomputation and
Geoweb Services.

Registration Start Date: 09 October 2023
Registration End Date: 27 October 2023.

RS and GIS Applications (06/11/2023 to 17/11/2023): Agriculture and Soil, Forestry and Ecology, Geoscience and Geo-hazards, Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, Urban and Regional Studies, and Water Resources.

Registration Start Date: 16 October 2023
Registration End Date: 03 November 2023

Eligibility Criteria Of Govt Certified Course In 2023

Undergraduate and Postgraduate (any year)
Technical/ Scientific Staff of Central/ State Government/Faculty/researchers at university/institutions

Course Fee Of IIRS & ISRO Free Certification Course

There is no course fee.

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The number of seats In the IIRS & ISRO Free Certification Course

Comprehensive Course: 10,000 seats

Modules: 5,000 seats

Note: The Nodal Center Coordinators will be provided with 25 seats in every course to register students of their institute

Course Funding & Technical Support Of Govt Certified Course In 2023

The program is sponsored by the Indian Space Research Organization, Department of Space, Government of India

Course Registration and Award of Certificate Of Govt Certified Course In 2023

The participant’s registration must be approved by the coordinator of nodal centers. The participants can
register and see their application status through the URL- Click Here. In case, the application is pending approval then participants are advised to contact the coordinator of the respective nodal center.

All the approved participants will receive an email with login credentials for the ISRO E-CLASS platform Click Here

The training program will be conducted in online mode in live sessions during 1600 -1730 hrs Indian Standard Time (IST). The day-to-day schedule will be published on the E-CLASS platform.

Participant has to join the daily classes as per the lecture schedule published by ISRO.

The participant will join the live sessions in a group through their nodal center and will have to strictly maintain the training lecture schedules and guidelines.

The daily session attendance will be submitted by the coordinator through E-CLASS CMS.

In case, the participants are not able to join the live session through the nodal center, then they can also join it, with the permission of the coordinator, through the E-CALSS platform using their login credentials. In this case, the attendance will be automatically recorded by the system based on the active presence in the live session.

All the sessions will also be available “offline” under the participant’s login in the E-CLASS platform after 24 hours of live session.

The participants can post the questions related to the session topic either through their coordinator or directly through the E-CLASS chat box. A few relevant questions will be selected by the moderator for discussion at the end of the session.

The participants with 70% attendance will be eligible for online examination.

The schedule for the online examination will be announced by IIRS and all the eligible participants has to appear in the online examination under the invigilation/ supervision of the coordinator of the respective nodal center.

All the participants need to submit their training feedback at the end of the program.

The participants scoring a minimum of 40% score in the online examination will be awarded “Course Completion” from IIRS, Dehradun.

The certificate will be distributed through the coordinator of the respective nodal center.

For Individual Participation Of Govt Certified Course In 2023

The participants with individual registration will be automatically approved. All the registered participants
will get their login credentials for ISRO Learning Management System (LMS)- Click Here

The training program will be conducted in online mode in live sessions during 1600 -1730 hrs Indian
Standard Time (IST) through IIRS YouTube Channel- Click Here. The day-to-day schedule will be published in ISRO LMS.

This Course is Launched by Govt Certified Course In 2023

After login to the ISRO LMS, the participant will able be to see the following major components:
o Course Guidelines & Announcements;
o Recorded Video Sessions;
o Attendance;
o Course Feedback;
o Course Certificate.

The Course activity of the participants in ISRO LMS will be recorded by the system as “Course Dedication”.

The Course dedication will be recorded for each participant based on time dedicated to the training activities (video logs, participation in discussion forum, and Course feedback submission).

A certificate for ‘Course Participation’ will be given to everyone who devotes at least 70% of the total session’s hours to the course.

The Course participation certificate will be available for download in ISRO LMS.

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How To Apply?

If you are interested In IIRS & ISRO Free Certification Course | Govt Certified Course In 2023 | Apply Now| Limited Seats

For more Detail Click Here

Registration Link Here Click Here


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