P&G Is Launched Live Project Internship | Latest Internship opportunities in 2023


Procter & Gamble (P&G), the world’s largest consumer goods company, has announced the launch of its Live Project Internship Program for 2023. The program is designed to give students from all over the world the opportunity to work on real-world projects with P&G’s brands.

The P&G Is Launched Live Project Internship | Latest Internship opportunities in the 2023 paid program that runs for 12 weeks. Interns will work on a team with P&G employees to solve a specific business problem. They will have the opportunity to learn from P&G’s experts and gain hands-on experience in the consumer goods industry.

P&G Is Launched Live Project Internship | Latest Internship opportunities in 2023
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About the P&G

Candlemaker William Procter, born in England, and soap maker James Gamble, born in Ireland, both emigrated to the US from the United Kingdom. They initially settled in Cincinnati, Ohio, and met when they married sisters Olivia and Elizabeth Norris. Alexander Norris, their father-in-law, persuaded them to become business partners, and in 1837, Procter & Gamble was created.

From 1858 to 1859, sales reached $1 million. By that point, about 80 employees worked for Procter & Gamble. During the American Civil War, the company won contracts to supply the Union Army with soap and candles. In addition to the increased profits experienced during the war, the military contracts introduced soldiers from all over the country to Procter & Gamble’s products.

In the 1880s, Procter & Gamble began to market a new product, an inexpensive soap that floated in water. The company called the soap Ivory. William Arnett Procter, William Procter’s grandson, began a profit-sharing program for the company’s workforce in 1887. By giving the workers a stake in the company, he correctly assumed that they would be less likely to go on strike.

The company began to build factories in other locations in the United States because the demand for products had outgrown the capacity of the Cincinnati facilities. The company’s leaders began to diversify its products as well, and in 1911 the company began producing Crisco, a shortening made of vegetable oils rather than animal fats.

Beginning in the 1880s, P&G advertised its wares in full-page advertisements in many general-interest magazines. By 1921, it had become a major international corporation with a diversified line of soaps, toiletries, and food products; in that year, its annual advertising budget reached $1 million. In the 1920s, P&G advertised its products on the new medium of radio and, from 1932 forward, was one of the biggest sponsors of daytime serials, which soon acquired the nickname of soap operas

Job Description Of P&G Is Launched Live Project Internship

Did you know P&G invented the concept of brands and brand management? 

Over the years, we have remained consistently state-of-the-art in marketing, always finding new and exciting ways to reach consumers, from the classic store to the most sophisticated digital technology. This is why some of the world’s best marketing pros and business leaders started with us. Our brand management philosophy can be summed up in a simple concept: “Consumer is boss”, and we believe we have 3 moments to win with consumers’ preferences: 

  • When they browse for your product on the internet, 
  • when they choose to buy our product in the store and 
  • when they use it at home 

These are what we call the ‘3 moments of truth’. The first two moments are what we focus on when we market products. 

You will be offered an internship in a multi-functional Brand team – organized around the brands that we sell in India 

(Ariel, Pampers, Gillette, OralB, Head&Shoulders, …) – consisting of managers with different functional expertise and backgrounds (Brand Management, but also Sales, Finance, Product Supply, Advertising, and Media agencies) 

These are some examples of internship assignments that you could have: 

Doing an internship with us is the way to experience the company from within, and for us to get to know you, meaning that a lot of time will be invested in your development.

What we offer?

Responsibilities as of Day 1 – You will feel the ownership of your project from the beginning and will be given specific projects and responsibilities 

Recognized state-of-the-art marketing skills – You get to test your marketing knowledge and management abilities in real-life situations and obtain insights into the world of brand & business management 

Continuous coaching & mentoring– You will work with passionate people and receive both formal training as well as day-to-day mentoring from your manager, likely a Brand Manager 

Dynamic and respectful work environment – employees are at the core; we value every individual and encourage initiatives promoting agility and work/life balance 

Paid Learning Experience: We treat you like a real full-time employee, not only in terms of the responsibility you tackle but also by providing you with a high-reaching monthly stipend. 

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Eligibility Criteria Of P&G Is Launched Live Project Internship

Currently pursuing an MBA.

Role and Responsibility

Co-leading a new launch or evaluating the current strategies of a brand or product. 

Leading monthly market & brand analysis, gathering input from multi-functional teams to recommend corrective actions for a specific category/initiative 

Working on the design & execution of brand campaigns (media, digital, CRM, in-store, PR). Lead campaign briefs (regional campaign localization or local campaign build-up) & follow up on execution 

Co-leading the digital marketing of your brand (visibility, content, local partnerships, eCommerce, etc.). 

Co-developing Market and Initiative Reviews. Organize internal events

Preferred Skill Of Latest Internship Opportunities in 2023

A born leader, with an entrepreneurial mindset and passion for making things happen 

Know how to collaborate well across teams and business partners 

Have a strong Brand Management interest/passion 

Like to bring creativity & innovation to your work 

Have strong analytical and critical thinking skills 

Can show evidence of passion and achievements in academic and/or non-academic activities 

Fluent in English 

Employee Type Of P&G Is Launched Live Project Internship

Full time


India: Mumbai, Maharashtra

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How To Apply?

To apply for the P&G Is Launched Live Project Internship | Latest Internship opportunities in 2023 Click Here


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