Top 5 IIT Summer Internships in 2024 For College Students


In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the top 5 IIT summer internships available in 2024, highlighting the benefits they bring and offering guidance on how to apply.

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Top 5 IIT Summer Internships in 2024 For College Students

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What is IIT Summer internship?

IIT Summer Internships are short-term programs offered by the prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) during the summer months. These programs give college students the chance to:

Gain hands-on experience in various fields like engineering, science, management, and social sciences.

Work alongside renowned faculty and researchers on real-world projects, contributing to ongoing research endeavors.

Develop valuable skills relevant to their chosen fields, including technical skills, problem-solving abilities, and research methodology.

Expand their network by connecting with industry professionals and other students with similar interests.

Gain valuable insights into research and innovation at the forefront of various disciplines

Why did we choose IIT Summer Internships?

There are several compelling reasons why students might choose to pursue IIT Summer Internships:

1. Gaining Prestigious Experience: IITs are renowned for their academic excellence and research prowess. Participating in an IIT summer internship allows you to work alongside world-class faculty and researchers, potentially on cutting-edge projects. This experience carries significant weight on your resume and sets you apart from other applicants in the future.

2. Developing Valuable Skills: These internships are designed to provide hands-on experience and allow you to develop crucial skills in your chosen field. This could involve technical skills like software development or data analysis, problem-solving abilities honed through working on real-world projects, or research methodology skills gained through collaboration with researchers.

3. Network with Industry Leaders: During your internship, you have the opportunity to network with industry professionals and other highly motivated students. These connections can prove invaluable in the future, potentially opening doors to future job opportunities, research collaborations, or recommendations.

4. Exploring Research and Innovation: IITs are at the forefront of research and innovation across various fields. Participating in an internship gives you firsthand exposure to cutting-edge research and allows you to contribute to ongoing projects. This can help you gain valuable insights into your chosen field and potentially solidify your interest in pursuing further research or higher education.

5. Competitive Advantage: Completing an IIT Summer Internship demonstrates your dedication, research aptitude, and ability to thrive in a demanding environment. This can give you a significant competitive edge in future job applications or higher education pursuits, particularly when applying to top universities or prestigious research programs.

6. Stipend and Accommodation (Some Programs): Some IIT Summer Internship programs offer attractive stipends to help offset living expenses and accommodation facilities to provide a comfortable living environment during your internship period.

Here Are Top 5 IIT Summer Internships in 2024 For College Students

1. IIT Madras Summer Fellowship Program | Get a stipend of Rs.6000/- per month

The IITM – Summer Fellowship Programme, which lasts two months and pays a stipend, is intended to raise awareness and interest in high-quality academic research among young Engineering, Management, Science, and Humanities students through a goal-oriented summer mini-project at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates who are doing 3rd year of B.E./B.Tech./B.Sc. (Engg) or 3rd or 4th year of Integrated M.E./M.Tech. program, 1st year of ME/M.Tech/M.Sc/M.A, MBA with an outstanding academic background in terms of high ranks in university examinations, are encouraged to apply, highlighting their academic performance and achievement including papers presented at seminars, projects executed, design contests participated, score/rank

For More Details About the IIT Madras Summer Fellowship Program Click Here

2. IIT Bombay Internship

The Indian Institute of Technology Bombay is a public research university and technical institute in Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. IIT Bombay was founded in 1958. In 1961, the Parliament decreed IITs as Institutes of National Importance. In 2022 NIRF placed IIT Bombay as the third-best institution in India. 

Eligibility Criteria

A Candidate should be in the Second year of a master’s program, or the third/fourth year of a bachelor’s program. The branch/discipline of study will be as per the project requirements specified by IIT Bombay Faculty (Internship Guide).

Applicant should be among the top 10% in all the previous years in your discipline in the College / University / Institute. At the time of application, a certificate to this effect from the Principal (in the prescribed format) must be provided.

Duration of internship four to six months between December and June

Applicant should be a full-time student while applying and till the completion of the Internship. You may submit a partial project report before (e.g., in April) the completion of the Internship (e.g., in June) if the academic calendar of your College / Institute / University requires you to do so, with the prior consent of the Internship Guide.

A Candidate should be able to work full-time for the Internship. A part-time internship is not allowed. A certificate to the effect that there are no coursework requirements during the internship period has to be submitted at the time of applying.

For More Details About the IIT Bombay Internship Click Here

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3. IIT Delhi Summer Faculty Research Fellow Programme 

The IIT Delhi Summer Faculty Research Fellow Programme (SFRFP) is a short-term program aimed at experienced faculty members from various institutes and colleges across India. It provides them with the chance to pursue research alongside the renowned faculty and researchers at IIT Delhi during the summer months, typically between May and July

Eligibility Criteria

IIT Delhi is inviting faculty fellows from various Engineering and Science Institutes and Colleges other than IIT Delhi to come and spend the summer (May-July) pursuing research under the guidance of a faculty mentor of IIT Delhi.

The faculty fellow should be a regular faculty member. Preference will be given to those who are considering higher studies (Masters/PhD) shortly.

For More Details about the IIT Delhi Summer Faculty Research Fellow Click Here

4. IIT Hyderabad SURE Internships Research Exposure 2024

The Summer Undergraduate Research Exposure (SURE) program offered by the Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (IIT Hyderabad) is a distinguished internship program aimed at undergraduate students from non-IIT institutions.

Eligibility Criteria

ONLY NON-IIT HYDERABAD STUDENTS with below-mentioned eligibility.

A. Should be a first-year MSc (Maths/Physics/Chemistry/Biology) OR MA first Year OR the 2nd/3rd Year B.Tech./B.Des.(All branches) OR the 3rd/4th Year Integrated B.Tech.-M.Tech. program.

B. Applicants should be among the top 20% based on CGPA/% score in all the previous years in his/her discipline in the College/ Institution/University and to be certified by the Head of the Institute/Principal at the time of the application.

C. The applicant should be a full-time/regular student at the time of application and till the completion of the internship.

D. The applicant should be able to work full time (minimum one month) for the Internship. Part-time/online internship is not allowed.

For More Details about the IIT Hyderabad SURE Internships Click Here

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5. IIT Kanpur Surge Internship Program

The IIT Kanpur Surge Internship Program, also known as the Students-Undergraduate Research Graduate Excellence (SURGE) program, is a summer internship program offered by the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. It primarily targets undergraduate students from various disciplines, providing them with the opportunity to:

Eligibility Criteria

Students from IITK and other participating institutions carry out brief but focused research projects as part of the Students-Undergraduate Research Graduate Excellence (SURGE) program, pushing their intellectual prowess beyond that of the classroom. It takes about 8 weeks to complete the program.

For More Details IIT Kanpur Surge Internship Program Click Here


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