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ACAMS: Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist Exam Prep



CAMS (Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist) is the global gold standard in AML certifications, with more than 40,000 CAMS graduates worldwide. We offer self-study and enhanced learning packages to get you qualified in as little as three months. CAMS is currently available in 12 languages, including Spanish.

The CAMS Advantage :

In recent years, Financial Crime has hit the headlines, and the spotlight is firmly on compliance. CAMS is an established global qualification that outlines the key principles of money laundering, and how to prevent it. In as little as four months, individuals and teams can be certified as Anti-Money Laundering Specialists.

  • Drive a culture of compliance from the top-down
  • Demonstrate your commitment to a standardized risk-based approach
  • Meet mandated AML training requirements
  • Reward and retain top talent
  • More effectively safeguard against financial and reputational damage

How to Get Certified :

  • Join ACAMS

We certify the achievements of our members. You must be an ACAMS Member to apply.

  • Submit your application

Are you eligible? Submit your application outlining your qualifications – you need 40 eligibility credits to apply.

  • Study, then schedule your CAMS Exam

You can choose self-study or enhanced learning paths. Take the exam when you’re ready.

Who is this course for:

  • Anyone who wants to upskill and qualify as a Certified Anti Money Laundering specialist (CAMS).
  • Banking/ Compliance professionals, Audit Firm, Law enforcement agency, AML/CFT practitioners, Student etc.

Why you should enroll?

  • The questions are of High quality and representation of actual CAMS Exam.
  • Mock tests are being prepared by highly qualified Compliance professionals after thorough analysis of frequently appeared questions in different actual tests attended by test takers from different parts of the world.
  • The Mock tests refresh your knowledge and allows you to attend simulation exams before the real ACAMS Test.

Here are my tips. I hope it will help you guys to pass the exam.

  1. You should read the study guide at least 03 times :
  • The first time: roughly read the whole study guide. It is normal if you can’t remember all the knowledge because the amount of content is large. However, you should try your best to get to know the concepts.
  • The second time: After understanding, I summarized each chapter in my own way. I highlighted contents which I considered to be important or hard to remember.
  • The third time: review and try to memorize the content in your summary. (Finally, you should take the mock test. In case you get wrong answers, you open the book and only review the related content).
  1. I know many people said that questions in Chapter 6 are quite easy so you can ignore or skim through the questions. No no, try to understand and remember all the questions & answers in this chapter. Believe me, you will thank me when you have already taken the real exam.
  2. When you take the exam, make sure that you reach each question carefully & carefully & carefully. Be prepared that 30% of questions in the exam are long scenario-based questions.
  3. I know many test takers have years of experience in this field so they ignore the study guide and just use their experience to take the exam. DON’T DO THAT. Experience is subjective. 99% of questions are taken from books. You can ignore all e-learning from the website of CAMS (except for the sample questions). Remember that STUDY GUIDE IS VERY IMPORTANT.

Who this course is for:

  • Aspiring Compliance professionals who wish to upskill themselves through ACAMS studies

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